1. DeeeFoo

    How does everyone feel about long/tall backpacks?

    Unlike a conventional tennis backpack where the racquet grips are usually exposed, a long backpack is one that completely encloses the racquet, and looks taller in appearance. Some examples of long backpacks: Dunlop Commuter Backpack Dunlop Club Backpack (I've noticed that the Yonex ones...
  2. CharlesMG

    Wilson Roger Federer DNA 12 Bag - Signature

    Hi, Is it only me who finds the current Wilson bag offerings inadequate? What I mean, given the price tag, the bags that have decent design like the Pro staff v13,doesn't have a hard shell to keep it's shape and make them more durable, also the straps and handles are just cheaply done. Given...
  3. T

    What size tennis bag for me?

    Hello everyone, i am looking for advice in tennis bag sizes. I will need to carry: 2-3 racket frames 2.5 litre bottle 1 pair of shoes Towel Overgrips Around 2 sets of 12m strings A jacket and some spare clothes Wristbands/spare overgrips/ phone/wallet/keys/e I was looking into Wilson super...

    New tennis bag recommendation

    Posted about this in the Diary of a Racketaholic thread already but can't make my mind up just yet, so looking for some more advice. By writing it down also a way to maybe get some more clarity for myself. I have been using my Yonex (2020 or 2021) blue 12R Tour edition bag for the past 1.5...
  5. Geau Sport Official

    Geau Sport - Introduction, Questions & Suggestions

    Hello! Just a quick note to introduce Geau Sport to the Talk Tennis community and to answer any questions you might have about our tennis bags. We make premium tennis bags and are headquartered in Greenville, SC. Ask me a question or make a suggestion any time and I'll be happy to chat...
  6. DeeeFoo

    Yonex Pro Series bag orientation

    Hi all. I have the Yonex Pro 9-pack bag, and Yonex has recently been designing their backpack straps such that the racquet heads point upward when the bag is worn on your back, which is contrary to most bags which have the racquet heads pointed down. This bag is no exception. However, the...
  7. J

    Tension maintenance

    When left in a bag ,how long do you think a string holds its tension,without any playing?Im a little concerned,bc I wanna string my new racket,which Ive never played with.I will be travelling and wont take my gear with me.Almost a month without my racket.Should I string it for only a week,or...
  8. scf

    Hydrogen tennis bag

    I wanted to buy new tennis bag and one of the options was a bag by hydrogen. Unfortunately I couldn't find any info about it apart from official description and a few photos. I've got one and wish to share the photos of it covering all parts.
  9. DeeeFoo

    How do you organize your tennis bag?

    Hi all. So I have a racquet bag from Yonex (BAG7629EX) that I really like. It looks like your standard 9-pack bag with 3 main compartments. The bag is designed to be carried vertically, which I do. However, the problem comes when everything in the bag sinks to the bottom when the bag is...
  10. Znak

    Organizing your racquet bags

    I was wondering how you all organize your compartments in your bags. I'm pretty anal retentive and need to have all my wrist bands together in one section, my exercise bands and skipping rope in another, my dampeners and wraps in another, etc... But I'm still finding tough to sort through it...
  11. Znak

    Racquets/strings left in car

    Pretty quick one. I have been leaving my tennis racquet bag in the trunk of my car while I'm at work (parked at a train station) so I can zip to the courts right after. As the weather is starting to heat up, is there any adverse effects to doing this on my strings (and/or racquet)? Looking to...
  12. Divardo

    Head Tour Team Bags 2017

    I know a few people were asking about this in other threads, so thought I would share. The Head Tour Team bag colours for 2017 are listed below. Black / White Blue / Light Blue Black / Red Marine / Pink The sizes will be the same as 2016 Head Tour Team bag range. Below is a picture of the...