1. Rudi Bergner

    Wilson baiardo, stuff and dull stringbed. Sudden tension loss

    Hello, I’ve been struggling with a problem recently with the stiffness of the stringbed. It seems that the strings don’t SnapBack as they should and it’s like hitting a rock instead of the ball and after a few hours hitting the stringbed becomes even more dull and the tension starts to...
  2. C

    FS: Wilson Baiardo stringing machine + tools -- 9.5/10

    Hey TT folks - Thanks for checking out my ad. I sold my stringing business in 2018 when I moved out of the Bay area. I missed stringing though, so I pulled the trigger and bought this Jan 2019. Business has been much harder to drum up here than where I came from, so it's time for me to pursue...
  3. S

    Babolat Perf Link

    I have a Wilson Baiardo and I am going to buy the Babolat Perf Link. This is the full automatic machine. One of my friends in Europe advised me that the automatic clamps fail periodically and release tension for no reason. Does anyone have any experience with this? My friend suggested I ask...
  4. F

    The Electricity Consumption of a professional stringing machine

    How much does a Professional Stringing Machine (f.e. Baiardo) consume for stringing a racket? (f.e. 20-25 minutes)
  5. F

    WTB: Babolat Stringing Machine (Dual Clamp Only) or Wilson Baiardo

    Looking for Babolat Stringing Machine (only Dual Clamp) or Wilson Baiardo. Models: 2502, 2502e, 3002, Star 4, Star 5 Shipping to Italy
  6. Keendog

    Wilson Baiardo Owners Manual

    Hi All, just bought a used baiardo machine, the seller said the manual is online but of course can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have a copy or know where I can find one? Also while I'm here, can anyone tell me how the hell you pronounce baiardo?? Thanks in advance