balance adjustment

  1. M

    K-Chain Forehand - Hips and shoulder rotation issue - Help tips/videos

    Hi Everyone, I'm 29 years' old back to tennis after 14 years. Currently 4.0 - 4.5, playing with prokennex Black Ace 300. Following a bad tennis elbow (Right arm) and an elbow surgery on the right arm also due to ulnar nerve compression, i'have started analysing everything that i was doing wrong...
  2. TennisJrDad

    Standardizing Multiple Racquets

    I have just started playing around with trying to standardize multiple racquets with regards to weight, swing weight, and balance. Which is the most important? For example I have two racquets, where if I match the strung weight, the balance is off. If I add weight to have the balance match...
  3. A

    Head Gravity Pro (head quality control)

    I've been using the gravity pro for 2 years now, and I have 3 rackets, and 1 of rackets just feels so much heavier. I am not sure if it's because of the balance or smthg but compared to the other 2 it's not manoeuvrable and feels completely different......What do I do??
  4. D

    Balance for 25 junior rackets , all HH?

    Hi, I'm trying to find HL 25 racket , definitely not Aluminum made. So far see that all cool Babolat versions are HH, anybody saw any 25 with HL ? For 25 balance point comes to 317mm. appreciate you advice, if anybody can point to another one. Thanks Mario
  5. Y

    SW, Balance and different versions of the same Racquet

    I am looking at rackets across a range, let's take the Pure Strike, and am thoroughly confused over the SW and Balance of each. For example, Pure Strike 100 comes in Lite, Team and Regular, but let's just look at Team and Regular (all strung specs below) Team: SW 309, weight 303 and 1pt HL...
  6. D

    Adding weight to make it HL HOW TOs.

    Hi, I plan to add some weight to Lite racket (285g) with equal balance = 342 which is Pacific X Force Lite. Will adding some metal (15g) at the very very end of the handle will do right job ? I afraid there are some hidden secrets, probably weight should be somehow evenly distributed..etc...
  7. Rudi Bergner

    Matching 2 rackets with lead tape

    hello fellow tennis people, My case is 2 yonex ezone 98 (305) brand new. They have the same balance but 2 grams difference. mine weights 305g as labelled and the other weights 307g. usualy I put lead on3 and 9 o’clock on my rackets, but beber more than 4 grams... maybe it’s less. my question...
  8. liftordie

    Balance adjustment

    Hi, Is it OK to adjust the balance of two racquets with adding lead tape at 3 et 9 and some lead under the butt cap? I have put different amount of lead at 3 and 9 in the two racquets. And I have put some lead under the butt cap in only one racquet, to obtain the same balance and weight with...