ball machine

  1. Eddie G

    Any Roadmap of Drills/Practice Using My Ball Machine???

    Hi guys, So for coaches or experienced players out there who have used ball machines to improve their game. Are there any particular drills and progressions I can leverage to improve my game using a ball machine instead of just doing a guessing game playing with the different machine settings...
  2. time410s

    The Perfect Tennis Wall I Built

    I built this wall/net thing and I think it's a really ideal way to practice when you have limited space. For the record, I do hit against walls sometimes but the pace of the return is too much sometimes. The ball flies or maybe hits a crack or you have to stand so far away that the space...
  3. E

    Tennis elbow — causes and solutions — a personal story

    I don’t claim for this to be a definitive guide on the tennis elbow problems and solutions. Contrary, it is a personal testament, based on my (pretty methodical) self-observation, data collection and isolated cause-effect analysis. For impatient (tl;dr; ) — the main culprits were a) pressurless...
  4. Y

    Worth upgrading from Lobster Grand Elite IV to Grand Elite V LE

    After years of service, my Grand Elite IV started acting up. When I called the Lobster Support, I was told I needed a new touch panel. This would cost me $150. If I want to upgrade from IV to V LE, that would cost me $600 Should I bite the bullet and do the upgrade or spend $150 and sit with IV...
  5. S

    Baseliner slam ball machine

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first ball machine and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the Baseliner Slam ( )? It seems to be one of the cheapest machines out there, and quite readily available. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be many...
  6. W

    Anyone Know When The First Ball Machine (Rotating Wheels) Was Commercially Available?

    I found a review of a Lobster Elite from about 2004, but I was thinking that there must have been tennis ball machines that used the rotating wheels design before this, right? Just curious about the history and who started the trend away from the limited and pretty awful pneumatic machines. I...
  7. M

    Lobster Elite Grand 4 - Help

    I am looking for some help having had a Lobster Grand 4 for a while I am now finding that the buttons on control panel are no longer responding and it is stuck in 1 mode. Unfortunately I have lost my remote so unable to use this. Only buttons that work are "power" & "start/stop" Could someone...
  8. M

    General help improving consistency of ground strokes

    Hey Fellas, I am a badminton player converted to tennis for the time being for CoVid reasons. I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected. I used to play a handful of times every summer with pals but it never went further than that. For lack of recurring partners and scheduling...
  9. V

    Ball Machine Advice

    I was hoping to get some opinions/guidance on a new ball machine. My budget is $1,500 and it will be used in a club type setting. What do you all suggest? What’s the best value for my budget? Thanks
  10. DeeeFoo

    Behold, my DIY tennis ball machine automatic launcher.... thingy (quarantine woes)

    We're all stuck at home in this quarantine, and all the tennis courts in my are are locked/closed. So I tried to think of a way to get in some tennis practice while at home, so that I can keep exercising and not get rusty. I was browsing through videos of various tennis products on Youtube (as...
  11. E

    Seeking More Information About this Raised Platform for a Tennis Ball Machine

    Might anyone have more information about this raised platform for a tennis ball machine? From what I can see, it looks perfect, though from this one picture I can't tell how portable it is. I would especially love to get more insight into how to make the part with what looks like a threaded...
  12. S

    Looking for used Ball Machine

    Hello All, If anyone is selling their used ball machine,please let me know. I am based out of Secaucus,New Jersey. Would prefer Lobster Elite Liberty Ball Machine,but can lookout for other options as well.
  13. CHtennis

    New ball machine

    I am looking for a new ball machine and I want something that can really do a lot. I have been happy with what I have but I wanted to get something that do custom stroke sequences. I came across the Precision Tennis System by Matchmate (I don't know if I am allowed to link this?) and I wanted...
  14. pdizzy


    Anyone use youtube to document their tennis game? Comment with your channel and I'll subscribe (with a subscription back!)
  15. VAJ

    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    Has anyone raised the height of the Tennis Tutor? I have played many hours with my Tennis Tutor Plus Player for the three years I’ve owned it and now I want it off the ground at least 30 inches so in a straight ball delivery the ball will come out close to level. Has anyone else tried this...
  16. J

    Tennis Ball machine advice

    Hi all, I am looking for a machine at a reasonable price. I came across silent partner machines online. They are cheaper than other brands. My question is how are they compare to tennis tutor or lobster? Are they dependable? What do you recommend? Thank you.
  17. G

    Ball Machine Recommendations

    Hey to the forum. My two main hitting partners are moved and one is out indefinitely with shoulder issues. I've been looking into getting a ball machine. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. My main hitting partner was the state champion in Texas at 4.5...
  18. gdeangel

    Question - Lobster Elite 5

    I had an opportunity to try out a Lobster Elite 5 today. It is a "new customer returned" model someone is selling locally at a decent markdown. :p I need some input from others here with knowledge / experience with this machine - or the other "Elite Grand" line with same throwing motors -...