barcelona open

  1. Enceladus

    Catherine Whitaker criticizes the Barcelona Open for naming the central court after Rafael Nadal

    Tennis expert and Amazon Prime presenter Catherine Whitaker She said: It’s weird isn’t it? It’s weird. Could they not have waited just a few years to do that? I feel sorry for all his opponents walking out on the Rafa Nadal court to play Rafa Nadal. It’s ludicrous.
  2. RaulRamirez

    If Sampras had won the Barcelona Open 11 times...

    ...would they have named the main court Pista Pete Sampras? Something to ponder (or not) on an early morning - or later.
  3. Enceladus

    2019 ATP Barcelona Open 3R - (1.) Rafael Nadal vs. (WC) David Ferrer

    ATP H2H: 25-6 for Nadal H2H on clay: 19-2 for Nadal Maybe the last mutual match between these two Spanish matadors, 32nd confrontation, more matches Rafa played only against Serbinator (53 mutual matches, ATP record) and Fed (38 mutual matches). Bull is a big favorite with regard to the history...
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Dolfin vs Bull

    Who wins??? Answer....
  5. HetTheGreaterer

    Tennis spain has the most neutral organisers......

    I mean just see at their courts in barcelona and madrid open. They could have built super slow playing courts as MC and IW(in some conditions it is worse than clay), as Rafa the home hero will utterly dominate it and his wins also attract more home crowd = more money. But despite that, they have...
  6. J

    Andy Murray to play Barcelona Open

    Andy Murray has elected to enter next week's Barcelona Open in an attempt to get much-needed match time on clay ahead of the French Open. I admire his will to play his way into form.