barricade 7

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    Gel Res 8 cannot replace Barricade 7.. need recommendation

    My favorite shoe of all time has been the barricade 7, but since Djokovic left adidas they havent been made anymore. I tried the newer barricade boosts a few years ago (2016?) but i didnt feel as supported and I didnt like the tread pattern as much, so I went back to my stock of barricade 7s. I...
  2. N01E

    Barricade midsole tear

    Hi, I've just noticed a small tear on the midsole of my B7s. Not a huge problem, but I wouldn't want it to escalate. It's kind of hanging there, so would you recommend keeping it that way or cut it off to prevent any more possible damage? Thanks.
  3. N01E

    New Novak Pros

    Any thoughts? Not a big fan tbh. I think previous serbian flag variant B7s looked better 2017: 2015:
  4. N01E

    Yellowish mid/outsole

    I recently purchased Novak Pro Barricade 7 Black from 2015, but the out/mid sole on the left shoe was sadly exposed to the sun for too long. Does anybody know a good fix for this?
  5. N01E

    Haas wearing Novak pros?

    Seems kinda funny to me that a pro (especially former #2) is playing with another players face on his shoes.