1. G

    Recommendations wanted for a budding beginner

    Hey all, I'd love to get your recommendations for my string setup. I currently play with a Yonex Ezone 100 strung with Tecnifibre Triax 16 at 52 lbs. I've been playing for a little over a year, and this string works well for me after starting with Syn Gut then transitioning to Wilson Sensation...
  2. M

    Can't decide between grip size 3 or 4

    Hi all, new to tennis started about 2 months ago and recently started group lessons. I have a slinger machine and try to practice a few times a week, I have two HEAD GEO Speed Graphite Tennis Rackets in one is size 3 the other is size 4. I want to buy a better racket once my strokes improve but...
  3. Niwrad0

    Beginner Flat Serve Practice - Constructive Criticisms?

    Posted the videos on YouTube, seems like easiest way to store videos for now, links below Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7 Video 8 Video 9 Video 10 Video 11 Video 12 Video 13 Video 14 Video 15 Video 16 Been watching YouTube videos and tried out various ways of serving...
  4. Niwrad0

    Beginner Serve Practice - Should I practice with lean/coil or stationary AND How firm of grip for practice

    Still wondering why my serves are not consistent - have three aspects to think about for my own personal serve, addressed one with an instructor but not so sure about the other 2, which are: #1 Coiling - Defined: In my view, I define coiling as the leaning forward and making the hips go over the...
  5. P

    Beginner, taking lessons and improving - looking to upgrade my racquet - down a rabbit hole, would appreciate some help.

    Hi I'd like a bit of advice, please, I'm down the rabbit hole and I need a bit of help. I'm looking to upgrade my racquet, from a Head MXG3 (with a grip size that's too small), strung with Head Hawk strings. I'm playing three times a week and taking a weekly lesson, too. I've started to get...
  6. C

    Could use some help with my serve (video included)

    Hello, for some backround. I startet playin Tennis this June and have been playing quite a bit. I had 3-4h with a coach but mostly i am self-taught (coach ist too expensive). I am using a continental grip and try to do everything i learned from videos, but double fault a lot. Most of my faults...
  7. M

    First string machine

    I am always spending so much with stringing, so I was wondering if I can find a string machine under 500 USD, I hope to learn it, but I was I doubt about which one to buy. Can you guys help me?
  8. T

    Tennis racquet for beginner Adult player?

    Hi Can you please suggest which is the best racquet to get start with? I want to start playing tennis but don't know which tennis to pick. It would be better if you could suggest top 10 list that would be easy for me to choose. Note: I have searched the racquets section for the said post but...
  9. E

    Racquet Recommendations for a Petite Female Beginner Player with RA

    The beginner player is 5'2",130 lbs female, with a rheumatoid arthritis which is treated and under control, and generally weak. I am looking for a recommendation for a frame that offers a high-comfort/low stress on joints, but also enough power to support a reasonable recreational play? Please...
  10. B

    Is the Wilson clash a good racquet for me (beginner)

    Hey everyone, I am currently looking to buy a new racquet. Currently I play with my dads old racquet, a Dunlop Mach 95 probably more than 20 years old racquet but still... I like it ! That being said it is a grip 3 (4-3/8 if I understood the conversion correctly) and it is definetly too big...
  11. P

    Identify these raquets

    I'm thinking of getting into tennis, so I got out my parent's old racquets. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about these specific ones. Value, opinions, etc. Also, can a beginner use these?
  12. D

    What rackets to choose for myself and wife from list below

    Dear members, Let me give a brief description of our capabilities: Me: 34 years old. Went for Tennis lessons when I was 15 years for about a year. Got hit in the head from a racket and unfortunately stopped playing. Started taking lessons again recently (into our 2nd session). Wife: Never...
  13. D

    Beginner finding forehand thanks to the forum!

    Hi, so I posted about a week ago. To sum up I'm a player who only started early this year and had lost my forehand. I posted a video and you guys gave me some great things to work on. I managed to get out on the courts and record my last session where I took on a load of this advice. Focused on...
  14. D

    Beginner player, lost my forehand, please critique my technique?

    I'm a relatively new player, started january this year, never had coaching and have learned most of my tennis from trial and error and youtube. So about 2 months ago something clicked on my forehand and I was hitting 80% at least of my forehands perfectly, hitting winners feeling like I can hit...
  15. D

    Beginner - Intermediate Tennis Racquet

    I'm a beginner and my current racquet is the Head Ti. Radical Elite. It isn't really that great cause it only cost me like 30 bucks. I also plan on stepping up my game and would like to start playing tournaments and for my high school team in a couple months, so what affordable racquets would...
  16. Oliver Topple

    Non existent sweet spot

    i played a lot of tennis from a young age up until about 15yrs ago when I pretty much stopped altogether. In deciding to get back into it, I picked what I thought was a suitable racquet (Prince Warrior 100T) and booked a court. The last couple of years of playing I used a Prince Graphite Lite...