best hybrid combo

  1. E

    A great hybrid -- inexpensive, durable, comfortable, powerful, controllable, and with plenty of spin

    I have been experimenting with all kinds of strings, tension, and gauges. What I consistently keep coming back is a hybrid of Technifibre RPX 15L and Tourna Big Hitter 16. I've used it in control (Head Prestige Tour, Speed Pro), all-rounders (Speed MP, Radical MP) and power frames (EZONE 100)...
  2. galahad

    We all know about Bi-phase & NRG..but what else is there?

    I’m looking for the lesser known quality Multifilament, the ”off the beaten track” quality string, which has qualities of these two great stings..and don’t give me NXT, or Sensation…I want the OFF-OFF Broadway string, the one heard about but forgot to write down… you have used...
  3. S

    Round mains/shaped crosses - poly/poly hybrids:

    First of all, I'm a long-time TT lurker who finally made an account. Secondly, I apologize if this topic has already been discussed in previous threads but I haven't seen it anywhere. I understand that most people on here who discuss poly/poly hybrids either like or prefer some sort of shaped...
  4. Shotmaker75

    Luxilon 4G soft better in a hybrid or full bed?

    I played for many years with NG mains /Alu power crosses. Love it for its power, feel and spin....control was there but for me the “perfect” balance between all this aspects never lasted long, making me restring very often and I always needed to have at least one or two fresh string rackets...