1. raph6

    Top 5 matchs of the season so far

    According to the logic of the ATP, 2 quarters of the season have been played after this Wimbledon. 2 remains. We are « at the middle » of the season. In my opinion, 2019 has been a good season so far, essentially due to the competition induced by the lack of form of Rafa during the clay season...
  2. Yoeri Tennis II

    Is this Federer's best forehand match ever?

    This is a new series and the discussion lies in which matches Federer produced his best from his forehand wing. Suggestions are always welcome. I'll assess the matches and will try to extend this series by making more videos like these.
  3. Znak

    List of best all time racquets

    Hello! Looking for your help for a little side project. I was hoping with your knowledge you could help me make a list of the 20 most important, revolutionary or iconic racquets of the past 100 years. I don't have a vast knowledge on this stuff but eager to learn more with your input. Thanks...
  4. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer's top 10 Exquisite Points in Lost Grand Slam Finals

    Fed has won 20 slams but also lost 10 of them. I think these are his best points from all those matches. The bonus points are fun too. If there are any shots missing from your whis list then let me know
  5. 3lite

    2011 Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player of all time.

    His form in 2011 is the highest/purest form of tennis the human eye has ever witnessed. No player in the history of the game is touching Novak in 2011. Peak Federer? Nope. Remember, Federer was only 29 in 2011. Peak Nadal? Nadal's peak was 2010-2011. Peak Sampras? Come on now.
  6. CBK

    Best Editions of each Major since 2004

    I'm not really a poster (I usually just follow and read threads I like), but given all the repetitive threads on a single player, a single event, or the No1 ranking recently, I thought I should try to change things up and bring back some nostalgia. In light of the recent two borefests at RG and...
  7. TripleATeam

    Make the best tennis player!

    Any era, mix and match game! Take the best part(s) of any players you want and make a new tennis player. Be sure to name them! eg. (rudimentary) FH BH Serve Movement But you can even go even more in depth, specifying spins, style of play, or anything else really!