black code

  1. T

    Mayami Tour Hex vs TF Black Code

    I've been using Tour hex last few years and I am very satisfied. Just wanted to order new reel and find out that it should costs me 70% more than TF Black Code (in my country)... If I can't find the way to lower price is it worth to try TF and can someone compare just these two strings
  2. A

    Copy strings

    Tecnifibre Red code - Pros Pro Red Devil Tecnifibre Black code - Pros Pro Blackout Babolat RPM Blast - Volkl Cyclone Alu Power - Topsin Cyberflash/ Tourna Big Hitter Silver It would be great if everyone could carry on this list with other string copies/cheaper alternatives e.g. multi, natural...
  3. Znak

    Millman's strings

    Damn, he strings Black Code upwards of 67lbs!! Ouch.
  4. pabsquid

    Poly Hybrid (shaped mains+round x's) or single type - Low tension

    Background: I'm experimenting with a new string setup in the Head Graphene Speed 360 MP & Speed 360 Pro. Moved to these frames from a Pure Aero because I wanted something more flexible and started using a poly main with a multi cross to help with comfort. I had been using Luxilon Alu Power...
  5. Babolix

    Tecnifibre Black Code Fire / Lemon

    Is there one guy that tested the new Black Code Fire or Lime ? I heard the Fire would be like the Volkl orange Cyclone (that I prefer to the black one) and the lime like a Revolve spin green. Some reviews would be welcome !