1. time410s

    Asking For Honest feedback on a video I might do

    I'm working on a video where I thoroughly breakdown my first impressions on a TenX racket. They're an up and coming racket company from Australia with some international presence. Maybe you've heard of them. Anyway, I do somewhat of a teardown and I talk in detail about my observations and...
  2. C

    Wilson Blade v7 100L vs Head Graphene 360+ Speed S

    Hello, I've been learning to play tennis for almost 2 years and am currently using Babolat Pure Drive Team. It's a fine racket especially for baseline groundstrokes. However, the racket seems a bit harsh for me. So I'm looking for a new racket that's not as harsh on the arm and in addition...
  3. dgoran

    Sonego Racquet

    RA 62 328gr strung with overgrip 336sw Lux Alu soft 19m/18c kg v7 blade with glossy paint. Basically custom paint v7 everyone can get...
  4. Yoav

    Want to pair a different racket with my Blade 98 16x19

    I grew up playing with the Sampras's Pro Staff (95 in' though).. Then a few years ago switched to Blade 98 16X19. I want to buy another racket to pair with it, and feel like getting a different one which won't feel too different. Very tempted to try the Pro Staff 97S v13, which reminds me the...
  5. Znak

    Graphene 360+ Presitge MP/ Graphene 360+ Speed Pro/ VCore 95 '21

    Out of curiosity which is closest to the Blade v7 18x20? I've been reading that both Head racquets are similar to some degree to the Blade, but curious as to what characteristics they all share and which are the outliers. I'm aware of the TF40 being a direct comparison, more interested in other...
  6. M

    Testing Feedback for: 360+ Speed MP, Yonex Vcore 98, Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310gr, Blade V7 98 18x20

    Hi All, I tested the above mentioned rackets for a week and would like to chime in with my feedback. All 3 were strung with Isospeed Black Fire at 25 kgs all around. For reference: i am a relatively new player. Been playing for around 2,5 years. Didn't have proper training other than videos...
  7. M

    Help switching blade cv

    Hi guys, excited for my first post, I want to ask you for suggestions to change my current blade 18x20 cv mostly because here where i live i cant demo racquets so its a hit or miss. Basically im looking for some extra power, the blade plays really good but when it comes to hit some winners its...
  8. C

    Quick demo review of 2021 Radical MP

    Current racket and grip: Blade V7 16 x 19, Semi-western I got to hit with the new 2021 Radical MP today. I was planning on a two hour hitting session but it got super windy where I live, so I was only able to baseline rally for about 45 mins. I'd describe the Radical MP as more user friendly...
  9. T

    Wilson blade V7 frame deforming.

    I have noticed my Wilson blade v7 18x20 frame is starting to deform to more of a circle. When I hold it next to other blades, the frame is less egg shape. Am I tripping or have other people had that happen. Holding it next to other racquets, it’s wider by almost a full beam. How is that possible?
  10. Pitti

    Help for choosing a backup racquet. Same frame? Different one?

    Hi. I'm a club player. I own an Ultra Tour. It's the only serious (over 300g) racquet I own. I have no serious backup racquet. It's comfortable and gives me great control, although it lacks a little bit of power. I can play well with it when my footwork is on. But almost 50% of my matches, I'm...
  11. brettfan

    Blade 98 v7 16x19 with pro stock specs... possible?

    I'm curious to know if there are any pros or college level players using the Wilson Blade 98 16x19 v7. I mean the retail one you can buy at the tennis shop, not the pro stock. I'm a 5.0 player who loves this racquet but, I'm wondering if I should add some lead tape to enhance this racquet's...
  12. D

    Need help deciding to either weight my Blade 98L up to normal weight or sell them and get new ones.

    I’ve had these two Wilson blades for over 2-3 years, and they are beat to hell. Absolutely amazing racquets. However, I have moved on to new racquets with normal weight. So as things have gone on, I’ve looked at the new blades and I want to know should I weight my old, beat up blades or sell...
  13. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  14. Yoshi1

    Which one vibrates less: Wilson Blade CV or V7?

    I currently play with an AeroPro Drive (2005 model) and I really dislike how it vibrates a lot. I really like a dampened, muted feel. I’d use 8 dampeners in my racquet if I could. Because of this I had decided that I’d switch to a Wilson Blade 98 16x19 CV. But now, the new Blade is out (v7) and...
  15. D

    Wilson Blade 98 L (16x19)

    Hi everyone! Can you advise me which strings, and which string tension to use? 2 or 4 knots?
  16. Dharmaboy

    Looking for a new Wilson Racquet in my 40's

    Hey guys getting back into tennis after a 2 years break. I am in better shape now than before (dropped about 20lbs) lifting weights etc. I primarily play with Wilson K 6.1 95 and my Blade 98s. With a few of my nagging shoulder issues and inability to generate much spin due to being an 70's born...
  17. 25-TENNIS

    Armfriendly replacement of Blade?

    Hi, I have some shoulder problems and I'm looking for an armfriendlier replacement ofy Wilson Blade 98UL & 98L. So it has to be lighter than 300g/10.6oz and a 95-100 sq. inch headsize. Which racket do you recommend?
  18. Yoav

    2018/2019 Wilson racquets? when should we expect these?

    For some reason, I can't find myself a Wilson racquet that I love in the ones available now, it feels that in each - something's missing. After 20 years with PS6.0 95 I'm playing with the PS 97S which I like but since it's discontinued, I'm looking for alternatives.. do you guys know when there...
  19. Yoav

    Blade 98 (18x20) vs. Blade 98 (16x19)

    After quite a few questions here about what to get after playing with the PS6.0 95 (and even getting a PS 97S) - I decided to go for Blade. Tried and older 98 18x20 today and loved it, but can't get my hands on a 16x19. I want to get the Blade 98 and just wondering which one I should get. I...
  20. DriveKing

    HELP! Wilson RF97 to Blade 16x19 Questions

    Hey guys, So I've been playing tennis for about 3 years. I'm a 3.5-4 level depending on the day—according to some local pros who have seen me play. I'd say I lean more towards 3.5 just because I don't play as much as I did. I started with a Project OneSeven Pure Strike and enjoyed it. But I...
  21. D

    Crazy Serves with DR98 not so much Blade? New racquet?

    Currently playing with both the DR98 and 16x19 blade CV with the same string setup (Gut/poly). I have noticed that with the Blade mytopspin forehands and backhands are far superior (control and some power) to when i hit with the DR98, however my best attribute, which is my serve lacks completely...
  22. F

    Need help for new racquets

    Hi people. Im looking for advice to changing racquets. I bought a pair of Head GSMP but never feel comfortable with their grip for forehands strokes...Before I played with a Blades BLX (Black and Gold) and I love it but I have to sell them because it had vibrations on tip so on serves destroyed...
  23. M

    Wilson Update Schedule re: Blade Line

    I know this is a fairly petty and materialistic view, but I'm not a fan of buying a new racquet right before an updated version is released. Not just because the "look" will seem outdated, but the price tends to drop as well. Given these concerns, could anyone give me info on when we can...
  24. Y

    Burn 95 CV vs Blade 98 (18x20) CV?

    Hey guys, I'm a pretty high level college D1 player. I have been using the RF97 for the past two years getting decent results but I have recently realized that the weight is too much for me, causing me to have problems with maneuverability. I have now decided to switch to a slightly lighter...
  25. wferdinand

    wferdinand's racquet test experiences

    I'm using a Head Graphene XT Instinct MP stringed with Orange Tiger @ 22/21 kgs. When I was comeback to court I wasn't test anything, just only bought this racquet about sympathy. Now I'm testing some racquets. I was started with an Wilson Steam 99S which saleable from my...
  26. projectone7

    Polys for a 18x16?

    I have a CV Blade 98S, and I want to try something different from my current set-up (full-bed Element 16G at 54).
  27. H

    Which Wilson Racquet?

    So I have just finished playing with a Pure Strike 16x19 and really didn't like it, destroyed my arm and had that horrible trampoline twang when hitting, plus I also found it to be a strange shape (anyone else find this?). Also it wasn't 98 square inches as stated as in comparison to other 98s...
  28. jarcardoza

    Need help customizing blades

    Hey all, I've just received a pair of Wilson Blade 98 18x20 2015s from Tennis Warehouse. I went through the matching service and requested they find a pair that skews toward headlight. Here's how they came in: Online Specs: Unstrung Weight: 10.7 oz Balance: 3pts HL Swingweight: 327 My Matched...
  29. projectone7

    Best Strings for the CV Blade 98S?

    I just got one at a discount from a friend unstrung. What strings work the best with the racquet?