1. AnOctorokForDinner

    A case study in (non)competitive consistency, or how Berdych attained peak ranking while being absolutely hopeless at the highest level

    Top 8 mainstay Tomas Berdych briefly reached his highest ranking of #4 prior to 2015 RG. Ranking-wise, that was also the start of his decline as he slid down the rankings with each successive season until retiring in 2019. His peak level that could trouble even Big 3/4 at times, however, had...
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    The NCYGS is completed

    Not the moral NCYGS. Its a real NCYGS Not for a single player, but for slam finals. This AO19 final result generated a NCYGS of 4 boring, one sided slam finals in a row..... Last 4 slam finals RG 18 :- Nadal Def. Thiem 6-4 6-3 6-2 Wim 18 :- Djok Def. Anderson 6-2 6-2 7-6 Uso 18 :- Djok Def...
  3. True Fanerer

    Worst pair of GS SF ever?

  4. Sentinel

    Federer: The last few weeks were a bit boring

    Hehe. Feddy found the last few weeks boring !!!! Hint Hint.