1. N

    Head 2022 Butt Cap - TK219HR - Breakdown for Replacement in Older Racquets

    First time posting wanted to share with you my review and breakdown of the Head 2022 - TK219HR - Buttcap. This buttcap is made with much higher quality/more durable plastics than any of the previous head buttcaps that i've worked with. If you're using it as a replacement buttcap for a racquet...
  2. B

    Tips on removing buttcap epoxied to handle?

    Was at a local garage sale recently and snagged a 2008 Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. for $5 bucks. It's in decent condition overall, but the buttcap is pretty worn down and jagged plus the snap-on cover is missing. I'd like to replace the buttcap entirely, but the issue is the previous owner removed...
  3. A

    TK219S w weight on old Prestige

    Hi all, I wanted to change the old buttcaps on my 293.2s to the TK219s with the weight included on the back of the trap door. Has anyone done same? It adds approx 4-5 milimeters on total length as the weight blocks the buttcap from going all the way in. I'll use a stapler for fixating the...
  4. N

    FIX: Pro Staff 97 Butt Cap Edges

    Hi everyone, Been using a Pro Staff 97 (first gen) for a while now and I see that some of you guys have the same problem with pre-v13 Pro Staffs butt caps. The problem is that the butt caps have very sharp edges and corners in some of the sides that dig into your palm. My thinking is that there...
  5. SuperSteve

    Wilson Triad 2.0 Replacement Buttcap:

    I've removed the buttcap from a friends Wilson Triad 2.0 racquet. I intend to replace the buttcap, add a new grip, and restring it for him. The end of the handle is flared, and the replacement buttcap I purchased doesn't fit! I've even tried going up to a 4 5/8 (#5) but that won't slip over...
  6. F

    How much change the balance adding weight to the buttcap?

    Hi people, I've a Blade 18x20 with balance at 33,7 cm and I wanna change it to 32,5 cm to increase a little the maneubravility and make a more "arm friendly" balance...how much weight I need to add? Or how much grams are needed to change the balance one point or cm?