1. HetTheGreaterer


    Rogi spotted wearing a cap in cincinati practice sessions... Are we expecting a new gear of fedr?? Cap instead of hairband???????? Btw, rafa should go for it too, fedal will look great in caps, as their hair are vanishing eventually
  2. S

    Prestige xt cap grommets on a Xt radical pro

    hi guys, I've been looking to cap my xt radical pro, but in my country, head doesn't sell the radical xt cap grommets, so i was wondering if the prestige pro xt caps (16x19) would fit, given that they have the same head size, and only 1mm difference in beam width. Anyone has tried this?? i want...
  3. Conish

    2017 Aerobill RF Cap vs. Classic RF Cap

    I just bought a new 2017 Nike Aerobill RF Cap without being able to find out any of the main differences between that and the classic style of RF cap, so I thought I'd write a review so that you all can know about the updates before you choose which model you buy. There are several changes...
  4. JOSHL

    Official Big Butt Cap Club!!!

    I like big butt caps and I cannot lie. If you are the same please feel free to post thoughts and techniques on how you enlarge your butt caps! Me I use an old over grip fold it in half and wrap around a few times then new over grip on top. I used to put it under the replacement grip and not use...
  5. N01E

    Double peak/brim cap

    I'm searching for double peak cap similar to those on the picture below. Does anyone knows where I could find one?