1. HetTheGreaterer

    Australian Open 2019 4th Round :- [22] Roberto Bautista Agut v/s [06] Marin Cilic

    Cilic coming off a 5 setter with verdasco (pushed to absolutely brink)... RBA coming off a surprising straight set victory over Karen Khachanov.. Cilic has been in patchy form lately, whereas RBA is on a hot streak as of now. He has beaten beasts wawrinka, djokovic, berdych, khachanov in his...
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    Chilli pepper

    Came from 2 sets to love down against demon in uso18, Now coming from 2 sets to love down, saving match points against verdasco and now he's up a break in 5th set... I think he deserves some mention here Cilic's mental strength is underrated, he is over trolled especially when he loses to big...
  3. Enceladus

    2019 Maharashtra Open - General Discussion

    In addition to Doha and Brisbane, a tournament of 250 in the Indian city of Pune will take place in the first week of the 2019 ATP season. One actually TOP 10 tennis player take part this tournament: 6th Kevin Anderson Other participants are: Chung, Simon (defending champion), Jaziri, Paire...
  4. Enceladus

    2018 ATP Finals RR: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (5.) Marin Cilic

    ATP H2H: 16-2 for Djoker H2H at hard surface: 12-1 for Djoker Indoor H2H: 2-1 for Djoker Only mutual match at WTF wins Djoker 6:1, 6:1 in 2014 year. Djoker is big favorite this match.
  5. RaulRamirez

    Predict Your Top 5 for Year-End (#1)

    Looking at the updated Race to London numbers (if accurate on ATPWorldTour...), the list now seems to be: 1. Nadal - 7480 2. Djokovic - 6445 3. del Potro - 4910 4. Federer - 4800 5. Zverev - 4365 ... So, what will be the Top 5 at year's end? There are lots of variables, obviously primarily...
  6. I

    ESPN Player Promos

    ESPN has player promo videos that they show before matches. The one for Cilic is absolutely ancient. He's still wearing Li-Ning which he hasn't worn since he won the Open
  7. RaulRamirez

    Khachanov - Nadal: Instant Classic or...

    I had a feeling that Khachanov would not be an easy opponent for Nadal, but I didn't expect it to be this tight -- about as competitive as a 4-set match can be. While not flawless, it did feature some amazing shots and rallies. Tons of drama: It's hard to rate it below an A-minus. As for...
  8. HetTheGreaterer

    Cilic could have put up a better fight today

    Yeah... Atleast he has a backhand which is existent and can cope up with nadal. And forehand is lethal too, if not at the extent of delpo FH... Also a slightly better movement.. Also cilic would have gone for outplaying/blowing off nadal instead of outrallying him (which is impossible unless...
  9. Sartorius

    A particularly awesome shot by Federer

    After the final I scrambled immediately to rewatch one specific shot - a FH half volley from Fed in the 3rd. To put it mildly, it's awesome. And deserves a gif or two. I made these @TheMaestro1990 's video here (click).
  10. kalyan4fedever

    Cilic: I didn’t feel those conditions before “Throughout the tournament I played all my matches outdoors, also preparing a hot day, 38 degrees.” “Then first...
  11. EloQuent

    AO18 Final: Will anyone retire?

    Note: this is not the main poll/thread about the Federer-Cilic match. Given that both players won a late match with their opponent retiring, will we see any retirement in the final? Or will these two players stick it out no matter what?
  12. MS_07

    CHUNG winning A0 2O18

    fedr grandpa has a history of losing first 1-2 matches against new talented starts before he figures them out. it can be a tough SF though. unlike zverev chung has winner mentality for 5 setters. so he will go the distance if grandpa played well. cilic/edmond are not a big issue if you have...
  13. C

    2017 Paris - General Discussion

    2017 ROLEX PARIS MASTERS Date 30 October – 5 November Edition 46th Category ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Draw 48S / 24D / 24Q Prize money €4,273,775 Surface Hard / Indoor Location Paris, France Venue Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy 2016 Champion DRAW Qualifying Draw...
  14. C

    2017 Basel - General Discussion

    2017 SWISS INDOORS Date 23 – 29 October Edition 48th Category ATP World Tour 500 Draw 32 (4Q / 3WC) Surface Indoor Hard Location Basel, Switzerland 2016 Champion DRAW Qualifying draw Venue: The once ball kid: Will return as the pizzapa finally: :p
  15. C

    2017 Shanghai - General Discussion Thread

    2017 SHANGHAI ROLEX MASTERS Date October 8 – 15 Edition 9th Category ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Surface Hard / Outdoor Draw 56S/28Q/24D Prize money US$3,849,445 Location Shanghai, China Venue Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena 2016 Champion: DRAW Qualifying...
  16. MS_07

    Last Slam winner without beating top 25 ??

    When was the last time this happened ? R1 #85 Lajo R2 #121 Taro R3 #59 L. Mayo R4 #65 Dolgo QF #53 Rublo SF #28 DelPo F #32 Ando :eek:
  17. every7

    The Rare Phenomenon of Players Calling Trainers for Mental Injury?

    The Rare Phenomenon of Players Calling Trainers for Mental Injury. Has anyone ever seen this before? I have seen a lot of tennis over the past 20 years and I have never seen this before today's final. To be clear, I want to make the distinction. I'm not talking about: - Players calling...
  18. W

    Final Thoughts before the Final

    Cilic vs Federer for the Big W Leaving aside the obvious and ubiquitous importance of serving and returning well, two key points to keep an eye on - - Slices - Drop shots Slices Watch out for how well and regularly Federer slices. When Cilic builds up a head of steam on the backhand, he can...
  19. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Federer [3] vs. Cilic [7] - WIM 2017 F

    Here are cumulative stats from the first 6 rounds of Wimbledon. Please let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list for these threads. Opposition: Cilic has had the stronger opponents - average grass ELO of 21 vs. 39 Overall: Federer is stronger in sets (100% vs. 86%), in...
  20. Fedeonic

    Why Sharapova and why not Cilic or Troicki?

    Why Sharapova gets bashed frequently for doping and no one wants her to prove she can win without Meldonium, while Cilic or Troicki who also committed doping offences are not as bashed as Sharapova (I'm not considering Cilic's bashing for being a mug) and nobody cared about both proving they can...
  21. -NN-

    "...maybe even tougher than a Grand Slam." - R.Federer

    Federer says that winning a Masters 1000 might be harder than winning all four Majors in one year.