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    Stringway MS140 or ProStringer 1.0?

    Hi Guys. Looking for advice on these 2 stringing machines. I do travel about 20 weeks a year and portability is important but I also need to deliver a consistent tension. What would you suggest? Pros and Cons of both etc.
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    Advices for manual tennis stringing machine

    Hi, I am a french student, tennis player and employee in a small tennis club. I am looking forward to buy a manual tennis stringing machine, mainly for being independent and for learning something. Here are more details about the use I will make of it. I have no experience with stringing but...
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    alpha revo clamps are not that smooth enough...

    I have a brand new Alpha Revo 4000 and i feel that the clamps are not that smoothly moving on the base. Is there some thing I can do like lubricating them or configure them (loosening or tightening bolts and nuts etc..). Also are there any maintenance techniques for these crank machines. Any...
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    Clamps for Gamma Progression II

    Hi all, I have a 20+ year old Gamma Progression II desktop model (with an upgraded electronic tensioner). The original red plastic clamps was replaced once years ago (I recall ones with diamond coating). I am now looking for replacement clamps again and if possible, to replace the base of the...