clay court

  1. D

    Clay court shoes on Savannah courts?

    I’m wondering if anyone has used clay court shoes on savannah courts before?. I’m thinking of getting the ASICS gel court speed(clay court) or the Adidas ubersonic 2’s(clay court). They say you can use omni court shoes, but they look just like hardcourt shoes. All opinions really appreciated.
  2. The Blond Blur

    Is Timmy Now a More Accomplished Hard Court Player?

    Now that he's made the AO final, has Timmy's HC achievements surpassed those on clay? Here's the tale of tape. HC: 1 slem F (outcome TBD) and 1 QF 1 Tour Finals F 1 MS1000 W 5 titles (1 250, 3 500's, and the aforementioned MS1000) CC: 2 slem F and 2 SF 2 MS1000 F 10 titles on (8 250's...
  3. F

    Playing on clay vs. Plexicushion

    In my part of the world, 90% of courts are clay and 99.9% of players want to play only on clay. I learned to play tennis on red clay but recently spent some time playing on Plexipave Plexicushion "hard" courts. I actually discovered my hate for clay growing bigger and bigger the more I play on...
  4. galahad

    Asics clay shoe: Gel Resolution 6 or Solution speed 3

    Please discuss, include sizing, comfort, stability, and support.Many thanks
  5. C

    Strings break more easily on clay than on hard court?

    Clay particles rub the string like sand does? Getting into the cross of two strings? I have never stepped onto a clay court though. Just a wide guess.
  6. S

    Clay Courts?

    Are there any clay courts in Texas that I don't need a membership for? I don't mind renting the courts, but I don't want to pay a full country club fee...
  7. J

    FS: Adidas Ubersonic 2, size 10, Clay, Black/White

    Item Description (Brand): Adidas Ubersonic 2.0 Clay, Black/White (This shoe: Quantity: 1 Size: Men's size 10 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit...
  8. BlueClayGOAT

    Will Federer ever play on clay again?

    Simple question. And if he does, what are the chances of him winning RG/MC/Rome? RG i feel is out of bounds now. He has come close to MC/Rome titles in recent years, but lost in the finals.
  9. MS_07

    Which court is hard to master? Grass vs Clay?

    I have not played on Grass personally. I am recreational player, playing ONLY on Clay. IMO grass is hard to master: - low bounce - ball skids - big severs have great advantage - shorter rallies / risky game - slippery surface, makes it to hard to reach out to every ball and time it effectively...
  10. Guitario

    Why do clay courts provide so many bagels and one sides sets?

    I've always wondered why the clay season provides so many one sided sets, and is the surface with the highest probability for a bagel. What is the single biggest reason? I'm currently thinking it's mainly down to the slowing down of the court speed, thus rendering fast serves less effective -...