1. D

    Replacement Tennis Pants Recommendations?

    I'm searching for some tennis pants and would like something similar to those which I have. I purchased my current pairs about ten years ago and they've been great, but are now beginning to wear out. I would like pants which look very simple (e.g. plain navy blue) and, most importantly, are...
  2. P

    The most pathetic tennis gear in history.

    Get all your anger out at the manufacturers who actually thought of this gear. Rackets, clothes, balls, etc is welcome. Let me start us off with an awful timeless classic:
  3. F

    Ammonia small on clothes after training

    Hi, I noticed that sometimes my clothes have an ammonia smell after a tennis training. What could that be? Shall I be concerned and do something about it? A few facts to note: My natural odor is neutral or not very strong I use mainly synthetic clothes (Hydrogen) for training because they dry...
  4. VamosRafa69

    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    Has anyone seen the collection yet?
  5. T

    Federer Gear

    Like many who follow tennis, I’m interested in getting members’ opinions on gear. I’m not strictly talking about rackets here though. What I’m wondering about is what folks think about the likelihood that Roger Federer (not necessarily other players) has his apparel contract with UNIQLO...
  6. VamosRafa69

    Nike wimbledon gear for Rafa

    Does anyone know if Nike will be releasing the shorts rafa wore in his exhibition match or the cages he is wearing with a grass court outsole? Thanks
  7. skip1969

    Melbourne Fashion Week: 2018 Australian Open Edition

    Welp, it's near the end of week one and by now we've seen plenty of kits to thumbs up or down. Savvy tennis consumers that we are here at TTW, lets post some images and share our thoughts about how well (or poorly) the manufacturers have done to sell us their wares.
  8. Slightly D1

    Rafael Nadal is wearing his "Lunar Ballistic 1.5s"

    Many speculated and passed photos around of Nadal wearing the new Zoom Cage 3 in the same color way of his outfit for this tournament during practice but it appears he has not switched fully for matches yet. Interesting but not completely surprising given the fact that Nadal wears CBs with a...
  9. M

    Junior Tennis Sponsorships

    Hello, I am 15 years old and I am a junior tennis player. I am currently ranked #1 in my section on Tennis Recruiting and #7 in the nation. I also have an ITF ranking: #328. I recently moved to IMG to train there and I do not have any sponsorships. I heard that some clothing brands pay the...