1. D

    Replacement Tennis Pants Recommendations?

    I'm searching for some tennis pants and would like something similar to those which I have. I purchased my current pairs about ten years ago and they've been great, but are now beginning to wear out. I would like pants which look very simple (e.g. plain navy blue) and, most importantly, are...
  2. E

    Cooling vs. dry shirts and polos

    I've been seeing advertisements for Artic Cool shirts and polos, and was wondering what everyone though about this new trend of "cooling" shirts (clima-cool, IBKUL, etc). Before, the trend was for "dry" shirts (eg. dri-fit, ultra-dry, quick-dry etc). For a while, there was an emphasis on...
  3. D-Lite

    K-Swiss Apparel - Your Experiences

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering whether anyone has any experience of K-Swiss' apparel lines (not necessarily their shoes)? If you have recently owned K-Swiss apparel, how would you rate it overall and how do they compare vs other brands? I am interested in these items at TTW Europe...
  4. D

    Best brand for crazy colors and designs for apparel?

    Nike has gone down in my opinion in making crazy out of the norm designed clothing. With that in mind, is there any brand anybody knows to fill in the void in my life for neon shirts and blue shorts?
  5. Hudson De Risi

    Junior Clothing Sponsorships

    Hi everyone I’m currently looking for a clothing sponsorship of some sort I’m currently sponsored by Diadem for my strings. Please let me know if anyone has any connections or know a easy partial clothing sponsor. Thanks