1. G

    Player who is really good on drills just can't get the ball in play during a match

    Hello guys, More specifically I have a player who during practice he is very consistent, hitting exceptional groundstrokes and winners but during the match he can't get the 3rd ball in play. His 1st serve % is around 55%-60% and typically serves around 115-120 mph but during a 2 setter where he...
  2. M

    Serve Help

    Looking for some tips on how to improve my serve. I've been double faulting a lot lately which leads me to believe I'm dropping my head too early or my rhythm is out of sync. Other problems may include but are not limited to: Back foot slides too far forward Racket take back appears tense...
  3. T

    Low toss

    Anyone who experienced having a low toss on their serve, what did you do to fix the issue. I need about 6-12 inches in that range to hit my serve more consistently (timing, windup, etc). In doing so I can actually use my serve as a weapon (look at my older posts, i can serve 105-110 consistently...
  4. T

    Struggling with consistency on groundstrokes

    I've been playing tennis for about almost a year (15 yrs old) - and have gone a LONG way. I hope I'm not overrating myself, but I think I'm about a solid 3.5. I struggle with consistency - I have a really good topspin FH and BH, but they're not reliable and any time I try to really go after it...
  5. N

    Why are streaks important?

    I should begin the thread by stating outright that I’m a Nadal fan and hence biased towards appreciating his achievements over Federer and Djokovic. Recently, we have threads emphasising a player’s winning streaks over a particular surface/tournament/group of opponents. What confuses me is why...
  6. M

    Is there a multi that's lower-powered than NXT that is still has feel/control and is comfortable? And a bit more spin friendly?

    Hey everyone, So I'm looking to find a string that fits my flatter-hitting style while I tend to some arm soreness. Natural gut is too powerful, but I've liked NRG2 16's very consistent play and higher playability duration and NXT 16's excellent feel and control while it lasts. I had...
  7. Znak

    Hitting at apex

    I came across this video the other day; I always was taught to consistently hit in your strike zone. When and why would I hit at the apex:
  8. ByakuFubuki

    Training one hour twice a week vs two hours once a week

    Ok, let's say I'm in a bit of a crappy situation right now. It's pretty long to describe, so I'll put it under Spoiler. Long story short, now that I can finally consider the idea of competing again (and I already spent time and money doing the relative medical exams, as it is a pre-requisite...
  9. T

    Racket face awareness / adjustment during the strokes

    I am an educator and born-again tennis nut, recently started coaching high school tennis. I learned tennis in 1970's and just spent the last 6 months relearning a more modern forehand. One question that I would love to hear opinion on is how much one should adjust/vary the wrist/racket face to...