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    Saw this crack type thing on my racquet, everything okay?

    I have a babolat pure aero tour and i saw this crack, was there for a while but kind of mentally bothered me When I run my fingers up and down and side to side i can feel it. game play is the same anything wrong? im thinking about putting some lead tape (2.5 ish grams for a bit less than 0.1 oz)...
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    Hairline Crack on Babolat Pure Aero

    @Babolat Official Can I send my Babolat Pure Aero in to be replaced because of the hairline crack? If so how to I begin about doing that? Thank You!
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    it's cracked?

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    Wilson Blade 98 2015 - Is This a Paint or Frame Crack?

    I've decided that I want to buy a few Wilson Blade 98 2015 frames for myself. Looking at some used I've found this guy selling one, however it looks like it has some weird cracks. I am not sure if these are paint cracks or frame. I would appreciate if you can tell me or someone who played with...