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    Can I still play with this racket?

    Image The cracks are very small maybe a CM wide and dont even come close to going through the whole racket. It plays, feels, and sounds the same as it did when it wasnt cracked. The cracks are located on the beam of the racket.
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    Hairline Crack on Babolat Pure Aero

    @Babolat Official Can I send my Babolat Pure Aero in to be replaced because of the hairline crack? If so how to I begin about doing that? Thank You!
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    Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Cracking at the lower string bed?

    Greeting Everyone, I sent Wilson an email about my racquet and pending a response from the warranty department. I just wanted see if anyone heard of this or knows anything about? I did a brief search and couldn't find anything really useful. Anyways, I purchased two Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph...
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    Cracked Head Pro Tour 630

    I recently bought Head PT630 because it was pretty cheap, but it seems that it has been damaged and fixed. I do not have any experience on this so I would like to know if there is something that can be concluded based on these pictures of the patch? Was the crack big since patch seems to be big...