1. Curtennis

    Critique my serve

    Below is a link to a Youtube I uploaded of myself earlier today hitting some serves. I apologize for the lone camera angle, if people think i should take a different angle for better critiquing, please let me know and I will. I'm happy to have your help. In the video, I describe how the serve...
  2. M

    Forehand Critique (Video)

    Got some critique back in September of last year. Have been working on the forehand a bit more - trying to incorporate more of the off hand on the swing as well as additional shoulder rotation. My current problem right now is that a lot of these balls seem to being going 3-5 feet long despite...
  3. nick102potter

    Feedback on Practice Match

    Hey guys! So I played a practice match against my good friend to prepare myself for league matches. I started playing tennis when I was 14 and after high school, I stopped for a while and concentrated on basketball in college. After 5 years, I started playing again last year. In this match, I...
  4. N

    Critique My Sons Serve

    Hi guys, My Son is struggling with his serve from long time. I took two short clips of his server and i would appreciate if you can give any feed backs about how he should correct / improve his serve. Thank you, -Raj