1. A

    Dent-Resistant Poly Crosses

    TL;DR: Discuss which polys are most dent resistant when used as a cross. Specifically interested in how Head Hawk and Kirschbaum Max Power compare in this regard, if anyone can A/B those two. Hello, I’m curious if anyone knows which polys have the highest surface hardness. Note: this is not...
  2. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  3. liftordie

    Adding crispness and control to Hyper-G 16 (with a good cross)

    Gamma Moto lime 16 is a great cross for Hyper-G 16. If you want more control and especially crispier feel. Snapback is also really impressive. It is stiffer so you need to string lower than your usual HG fullbed. I will also try MSV Focus Hex Ultra 16 as a cross with Hyper-G 16, pretty soon...
  4. liftordie

    The most slippery round strings on the market in 2019

    What are (for you) the most slippery round strings on the market in 2019 (for using as a cross)? Thank you
  5. liftordie

    Softest spin-friendly crosses in the world?

    What is the most non-poly comfort crosses in the all world for spin and control?? :) Thanks for help!
  6. Znak

    Crossover step

    I'm trying to better my footwork and recently to incorporate more crossover step into my game, but I'm getting conflicting messages from different sources. Right now the most common time I'll use it is on my approach shot. But I want to start using it more on my baseline attack. When's the right...
  7. M

    Best cross for Isospeed Cream?

    I'm in the market for new strings and ideally want to try a soft poly/co-poly. So far Cream has caught my attention and I'm interesting in trying it. From what I've read, it seems to be great in terms of comfort, tension maintenance and control; decent in terms of spin; and low in terms of...