1. Jay Sean

    Does lower tension in crosses matter?

    I have had the thought that it doesn't because pulling the crosses through the mains already demands more tension than the mains strung alone. As in, there's much more friction involved when pulling the crosses through, which I figured must take up some of the force needed to pull the strings to...
  2. S

    Weaving Natural Gut and Poly Hybrids

    When stringing hybrids of natural gut and poly there is a significant risk of the poly strings damaging the more delicate (and expensive) gut, particularly when the crosses are woven and pulled. Our friends at Guts and Glory Tennis recently posted a live Facebook video demonstrating how they...
  3. Awesome Prostaff

    Should the Mains be tighter or Crosses?

    Some people are telling me that the mains should be tighter because that’s where you serve but some people say that making the crosses tighter will be better so now you tell me what I do, I play with a full set of Luxilon Savage
  4. liftordie

    Softest spin-friendly crosses in the world?

    What is the most non-poly comfort crosses in the all world for spin and control?? :) Thanks for help!
  5. S

    Cross Weaving Tools

    Hi Everyone, Nate Pagel, the Assistant Director of the United States Racquet Stringers Association, has been evaluating tools and gadgets designed to make it easier to weave the crosses when stringing racquets. The USRSA plans to publish an article on these tools in an upcoming issue of their...
  6. C

    Tennis main > cross, badminton cross > main

    I asked for stringing my tennis racquet at a badminton-specific shop. Not sure if it is a good idea, but the shop is convenient for me. I told the guy to do main/cross = 52/50 lbs. He said oh are you sure, because in badminton we string higher tension in cross than main. I wanted that spec...
  7. S

    A Cross Stringing Tool for Badminton Racquets

    In response to requests from stringers who use and like the StringWeaver cross stringing tool for tennis racquets, we have developed and now have available a similar tool made specifically for badminton racquets. For more information visit the website.
  8. Simon_the_furry

    How to pull through cross strings without burning the mains?

    I've been wondering about this. I strung my racquet the other day and I noticed how warm my crosses were from friction with the mains. I know it's not healthy for the string. Any tips on how to avoid this issue?
  9. Z

    Crosses - soft feel but resistant to grind

    Hi Would appreciate any suggestions for cross strings to poly mains. The way I break strings is always same way - I grind away cross string in the middle of the racket until it breaks. I have used Gosen OG sheep Micro for many years but wouldn't mind something new. Got a bunch of Volkl V-feel...
  10. B

    Ball hitting the squares of the stringbed diagonally - equal bounce?

    Do the mains and the crosses have equal bounce? Based on TW customer reviews I have strung two racquets with gut mains and nylon crosses at 2 lbs higher tension. The Blade 104 racquets are weighted to about 331 gm. Babolat VS 15L / Wilson Sensation Control 16 at 56 and 58 Babolat VS 17 /...
  11. CodyZzZ

    Help with fly clamping the last cross...

    Bought a Gamma Progression II 200 recently, really had fun learning how to string for the first time after 18 years of tennis! Anyway, after some research I'm still unable to find a good solution to my problem. On my DR98 or PS85, the last two crosses are spaced quite far a part, so the flying...