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  1. Fedeonic

    Indian Wells 2023 4R: (5) Daniil Medvedev vs (12) Alexander Zverev

    Welcome to this 4R match between the most successful original Next-Genners, who are playing for the first time since the final of the 2021 Masters won by Zverev. The H2H is tied 6-6 with Danya winning 6 of the last 8 matches. Match to be played tomorrow at 11:00 PDT (15:00 Chi) in Stadium 1.
  2. Fedeonic

    Fantasy match: Andy Murray US Open 2012 vs Daniil Medvedev US Open 2021

    Two human backboards at their peak of their powers winning their first Grand Slam title at the US Open against Novak Djokovic, but how they would fare against each other? Discuss.
  3. threehandedbackhand

    Kindly reminder: Casper's surname is RUUD, not Rudd

    ✔ Ruud, not ✗ Rudd by the way: ✔ Aliassime, not ✗ Alliasime ✔ Medvedev, not ✗ Medveded ✔ Hurkacz, not ✗ Hurcakz ✔ Berrettini, not ✗ Beretini ✔ Musetti, not ✗ Musseti ✔ Schwartzman, not ✗ Schwartzmann and in at the finish ✔ Ruusuvuori, not ✗ Rusuuvori Have a nice day :)
  4. Fedeonic

    Better Generation?

    Which generation between the original Next Gen and the FARMS Gen will be the most successful at the end of their journeys? -Original Next Gen best 5: Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Ruud and Rublev. -FARMS Generation 5: Auger-Aliassime, Alcaraz, Rune, Sinner and Musetti. Discuss:
  5. James P

    ATP 500 Vienna F: [1] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs Denis Shapovalov (CAN)

    Matchup between two players that have seemingly had poor seasons, by their standards, but are both playing pretty well post-USO, regaining some form. The matchup h2h is 3-2 for Medvedev, all of it on hard court. Medvedev has won the last three matchups between the two (including two indoor...
  6. threehandedbackhand

    Why did Medvedev retire in Astana?

    Exactly eight seconds after the end of 2nd set TB Medvedev suddenly decided to retire. But why?
  7. Enceladus

    2022 Astana Open SF - Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev

    ATP H2H: 6-4 for Djokovic HC H2H: 5-3 for Djokovic Their first match against each other this season. The last time they met was last year in the Paris Masters final, Djoker won in three sets. Who will win now?
  8. James P

    Temperature Check Poll: Casper Ruud

    Has Ruud surpassed the following Next Gen players in your view of the current pecking order? Medvedev? Zverev? Tsitsipas? Berrettini? Rublev? Pick all players you honestly think Ruud has surpassed.
  9. James P

    Two more qualified for the ATP Finals

    Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas have officially qualified for the ATP Finals. They join Rafael Nadal (officially) and Novak Djokovic (unofficially). That leaves four more spots remaining. In theory Medvedev and Ruud could both qualify by meeting in the US Open final, both needing a minimum...
  10. James P

    2022 US Open 4R: [1] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs [23] Nick Kyrgios (AUS)

    Third match this season, 1-1 on the year, 3-1 lead overall by Kyrgios. Blockbuster match, who do you got?
  11. James P

    #1 is going to be EXTREMELY wide open...

    ... for the taking at 2022 US Open, six players with a real shot at #1. Incredibly close, Nadal definitely in the driver seat, though. Name NAT Pre-USO Points Points Dropped Start of Tournament Points Rafael Nadal Spain 5,630 +10 5,640 Stefanos Tsitsipas (w/ Cincy win) Greece 5,290 80...
  12. Fedeonic

    Cincinnati Masters 2022 SF: (1) Daniil Medvedev vs (4) Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Welcome to the 10th edition of this modern classic between these two Little Three members, this time in the Cincinnati 2022 SF. Bulls. Russian leads the series 7-2 against the Small Kid who doesn't know how to fight. Time TBC.
  13. Fedeonic

    Little Two? Little Three? Little Four?

    We all know that there's a Big Three, many argue that there was a Big Four, and some people consider that we currently have a Big Two. But what about a Little Three? Or a Little Four? Or even a Little Two? Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev have the highest quantity of Big Titles, highest W/L...
  14. James P

    Current Tennis Abstract Elo Ratings

    Shocking to me, but Carlos Alcaraz has now moved into 4th place, yes ahead of Nadal... Rank Name Age Overall Elo Hard Raw Clay Raw Grass Raw Hard Elo Clay Elo Grass Elo Peak Elo Match Peak Elo Age Peak Elo 1 Novak Djokovic 34.5 2185.6 2068.6 2016.3 1942.4 2127.1 2101.0 2064.0 2016...
  15. BGod

    [4]Tsitsipas vs. Medvedev[2] AO SF 2022

    Daniil still the one defending points. Two matches away from a 2nd Major and World #1. Stefanos would be gunning for 2nd career Final, first Slam and move up to world #3. Certainly playing less than half the time is some kind of edge for CITY BUS!!!!! 3:30AM ET 7:30PM Melbourne
  16. threehandedbackhand

    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [2] Daniil Medvedev vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    Their encounter number 11. H2H Medvedev 5-5 Zverev Vegas odds (as of 15 November) Sources: atptour.com oddsportal.com Feel free to discuss.
  17. James P

    Is Medvedev already the best male Russian tennis player of all time?

    Is Medvedev already the best male Russian tennis player of all time? If not, whom is better than him still (I picked the obvious three: Kafelnikov, Safin, and Davydenko), and what does he need to do in his career to pass them? I'm not sure, myself, how people feel he stacks up to those three.
  18. threehandedbackhand

    2021 Paris Open F: Djokovic vs Medvedev

    Their first meeting after the 2021 USO Final. H2H Djokovic 5-4 Medvedev Paris Masters results timeline Road to the F 2R Djokovic vs Fucsovics 6-2 4-6 6-3 3R Djokovic vs Monfils w/o QF Djokovic vs Fritz 6-4 6-3 SF Djokovic vs Hurkacz 3-6 6-0 7-6(5) 2R Medvedev vs Ivashka 7-5 6-4 3R Medvedev...
  19. James P

    Medvedev and Rublev...

    ...won the ATP Cup/Laver Cup team title double. What should we call this impressive feat?
  20. threehandedbackhand

    Has Medvedev USO win decreased the historical importance of Zverev Tokyo OGM?

    Zverev has been The Mighty One for a few weeks. Now it's different. Medvedev is hailed as The Man Who Stopped Djokovic. Did Medvedev spoil Zverev party? What do you think?
  21. J

    How Daniil Medvedev beat Novak Djokovic at the 2021 US Open

    Daniil Medvedev wins the US Open Here's an analysis of Medvedev's denial of Novak Djokovic's Calendar Slam bid in the US Open final including a dive into how their previous meetings primed them for this match. https://jackedward.substack.com/p/issue36
  22. James P

    Temperature Check Poll: Best Player Post-Murrovic?

    Who do you think are the best players born after Novak and Andy? Multiple choice, up to three picks... You can interpret this in any way you want, best career to date or most likely to have best career, or whichever way you choose to interpret it. Goffin, PCB, RBA, and Berrettini would have...
  23. Fedeonic

    A new tower has joined the club

    Daniil Medvedev becomes the third 1,98m (6' 6'') player who wins a Grand Slam tournament, Juan Martín del Potro in 2009 and Marin Cilic in 2014 also won the US Open. Can Daniil break the 1,98m curse and win another major? Discuss.
  24. threehandedbackhand

    Let's imagine Djokovic in 2021 US Open Final with no CYGS on the cards. How would it have ended?

    Some people say a huge pressure put on Djokovic was a deciding factor. What do you think?
  25. threehandedbackhand

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    Djokovic is just one match away from the CYGS. Third Grand Slam final for Medvedev (after USO 19 and AO 21), still seeking for his maiden GS title. H2H Djokovic 5-3 Medvedev Road to the QF Vegas odds (as of 11 September) Sources: atptour.com tennisabstract.com oddsportal.com What do you...
  26. The Green Mile

    2021 USO SF - [2] Daniil Medvedev vs [12] Felix Auger Aliassime

    This thread came a little earlier than expected with Carlos's sudden retirement lol... H2H is 1-0 to Daniil, coming through a 3rd set TB in Canada back in 2018. Who makes the final?
  27. James P

    2021 USO QF: [Q] Botic Van de Zandschulp (NED) vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev (RUS)

    High flying Botic Van de...van de...the Dutchman versus Daniil "Mad Lad" Medvedev for the opportunity to reach the SFs of the US Open. Not sure if this one will disappoint or provide some entertainment. Who do you got in this one??
  28. James P

    2021 USO 4R: [24] Dan Evans (GBR) vs [2] Daniil Medvedev (RUS)

    This might be the first real challenge for Medvedev, although I like his chances in prevailing. What do you guys think?
  29. James P

    Poll: Who makes the upcoming USO SFs?

    Whom, in your estimation, of the following 4 players make the SFs in this year's USO? Djokovic, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Zverev?
  30. James P

    NextGen Rankings

    Lots of discussion of the NextGen pecking order this week. What do your rankings look like? Tier I Medvedev Zverev Tsitsipas Tier II Berrettini Rublev Hurkacz Shapovalov Sinner Tier III Ruud Auger-Aliassime Norrie Humbert Khachanov Sonego Opelka Korda Tier IV Bublik Davidovich Fokina Fritz...