1. spottishwood

    Davydenko: The top players of the younger generation are not that good technically.

    What would you say are the biggest differences in tennis now compared to when you were a top player? In my opinion, tennis is not making much progress. The players who are at the top now – not Nadal and Djokovic, but the younger generation –are not that good technically. I got surprised by...
  2. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Davydenko, Rome semi-final, 2007

    Rafael Nadal beat Nikolay Davydenko 7-6(3), 6-7(8), 6-4 in the Rome semi-final, 2007 on clay Nadal, the double defending champion, would go onto win the title by beating Fernando Gonzalez in the final. Davydenko was seeded 4th Nadal won 128 points, Davydenko 116 Serve Stats Nadal... -...
  3. W

    Match Stats/Report - Davydenko vs Nadal, Shanghai final, 2009

    Nikolay Davydenko beat Rafael Nadal 7-6(3), 6-3 in the Shanghai final, 2009 on hard court It was the third and last of Davydenko's Masters titles and he would soon win his sole Year End Championship title shortly after. This was Nadal's first final in Shanghai. He's never won the...
  4. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Davydenko, Hamburg semi-final, 2005

    Roger Federer beat Nikolay Davydenko 6-3, 6-4 in the Hamburg semi-final, 2005 on clay Federer would go onto beat Richard Gasquet in the final to defend his title. Davydenko was seeded 15th Federer won 62 points, Davydenko 47 Serve Stats Federer... - 1st serve percentage (38/62)...
  5. InsideOut900

    Davydenko vs. Medvedev

    Who is a better player and which of the two russians is more bs? @AnOctorokForDinner what do you think? :D
  6. W

    Match Stats/Report - Davydenko vs Nadal, Miami final, 2008

    Nikolay Davydenko beat Rafael Nadal 6-4, 6-2 in the Miami final, 2008 on hard court It was Davydenko's second Masters title and Nadal's 2nd runner-up showing at the event. To date, Nadal has been runner-up 5 times and never won the event. This was the third meeting between the two...
  7. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Davydenko, Year End Championship final, 2008

    Novak Djokovic beat Nikolay Davydenko 6-1, 7-5 in the Year End Championship (Tennis Masters Cup) final, 2008 on indoor hard court in Shanghai, China It was Djokovic's first of to date 5 titles at the event. Davydenko would go onto win the following year. This was the last edition of the...
  8. HetTheGreaterer

    Nikolay Davydenko :- best ATP shots and moments

    Really a stunning ballstriker. Amazing shots Have a look at this fellas.