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  1. eman11

    FS: Multiple Nike Shirts

    Will combine shipping on 2+ items. Item Description (Brand): Green Nike Tennis Shirt (Circa 2013, Del Po?) Quantity: 1 Size: Medium Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): about once a month for about a year/ year and a half *General...
  2. W

    Match Stats/Report - del Potro vs Federer, US Open final, 2009

    Juan Martin del Potro beat Roger Federer 3-6, 7-6(5), 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-2 in the US Open final, 2009 on hard court del Potro was 20 years old and playing in his first Slam final. Federer had won French Open and Wimbledon earlier in the year, would go onto win the next Australian Open and...
  3. Z

    An analysis of Forehand greatness After my Musetti post, I sat down yesterday and quickly threw out what a forehand needs, and what it doesn't. Greatness requires gravity and minimal wrist movement to allow SW maximization. Discuss
  4. GhostOfNKDM

    Murray vs Delpo - Who has the better..

    ..upshot trying to comeback/stay on tour in 2021? Its sad and crazy to think if you remember when both these guys were coming up, that their career would end up marred by injury- especially Delpo. One hand, I wonder why someone like Delpo wants to undergo further surgeries just for one more...
  5. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs del Potro, Indian Wells final, 2013

    Rafael Nadal beat Juan Martin del Potro 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the Indian Wells final, 2013 on hard court It was Nadal's first Masters title of the year and first hard court title in 2.5 years. Del Potro was seeded 7th and had beaten Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray among others en route to the...
  6. eman11

    F/S: White Nike Showdown Frequency Tennis Shirt (Del Potro, 2010 Wimbledon) 425008-100

    Item Description (Brand) Nike Showdown Frequency Tennis Shirt Quantity: 1 Size: Large Condition (x out of 10): 8 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): multiple times, no more than ten. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Style and...
  7. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs del Potro, US Open final 2018

    Novak Djokovic beat Juan Martin del Potro 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-3 in the US Open final, 2018 on hard court It was the 3rd title and record tying 8th final for Djokovic, the 6th seed, who had won Wimbledon and would go onto to finish the year ranked number 1 for the fifth time Djokovic won 111 points...
  8. raph6

    2014, 2015 or 2016 : which season was better ?

    Hi mates. I was watching some matches of the last seasons this week and I was wondering which season have fans appreciated the most. For me, these 3 seasons have a lot in common, marking the end of the prime of the Big 4. Here is what I think are the highlights of each season, for you to...
  9. raph6

    Masters 2018 Line-up

    With DelPotro out for injury and Nadal probably out too (I don't see him taking risks for 2 tournaments he never won and he isn't likely to win), this is probably gonna be the 8 players of the Masters this year. 1. Djokovic 2. Federer 3. Zverev 4. Cilic 5. Anderson 6. Thiem 7. Nishikori 8...
  10. GabeT

    What Nole said to Delpo

    Argentine press has published an article where Delpo explains what Nole said to him when they embraced after the match. Translation below: "It was a very nice gesture from him, he stepped away from the role of a tennis player, which at that moment was not easy, to go to the opponent’s bench and...
  11. RaulRamirez

    Predict Your Top 5 for Year-End (#1)

    Looking at the updated Race to London numbers (if accurate on ATPWorldTour...), the list now seems to be: 1. Nadal - 7480 2. Djokovic - 6445 3. del Potro - 4910 4. Federer - 4800 5. Zverev - 4365 ... So, what will be the Top 5 at year's end? There are lots of variables, obviously primarily...
  12. HetTheGreaterer

    Why federer behaves like a crazy child when playing delpo??

    He is a swiss gentleman, almost calm and soft by behaviour on court. But whenever he plays juan martin del potro; all the expressions are like a crazy child. Frustration, anger towards umpire, racket smashing/swinging, ball throwing, net hitting etc etc. I mean delpo is not the player who beats...
  13. Adv. Edberg

    2018 Rome Masters - General Discussion

    La Dolce Vita At Italian Open Italian Open, or Rome Masters, features the best players at the Foro Italico in Rome. The tournament is one of the three ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events contested on clay, but the event is more than just tennis; it is a total entertainment experience. High...
  14. Yoeri Tennis II

    Unseen 1st round match from Federer at USO 2005 to help with Delpo loss

    For Fedfans the defeat yesterday against Delpo was unbearable! To help ease that pain I've found this rare unseen footage from prime Federer as he dispatches of Ivo Minar in the first round of his successful 2005 USO defense.
  15. Sean Oberhauser

    Another Fed vs Del Po

    Every match between these two I can remember has been great, always awesome quality matches. with Del Po finally coming over some real hard backhands, you could consider me excited. Predictions? Will Del Po finally get his a M1000?
  16. 5point5

    Perfect Forehands

    Check out these perfect forehands - no tips or instructions needed.
  17. T

    Is there any chance that player can get their points deducted?

    Maybe I didn't quite catch that, but did Wozniacki get an amount of points deducted (~580 points)? I heard that if she doesn't win a match she may get some points deducted... I know they would have checked something about her matches last year and according to this "rule", she could have lost...
  18. eman11

    FS Multiple Nike/Adidas shirts/shorts

    Selling clothes that sit in my closet/ drawers Most medium, some large. Apparel Item Description (Brand): Nike 2009 Australian Open Rafa day shirt Quantity: 1 Size: Large (small sizing, Moe like a medium) Condition (x out of 10): 6 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely...
  19. Hunter Rice

    Who Will Win Basel? Federer Or Delpo?

    Will Federer win yet another tournament, or will Delpo make an upset? VOTE HERE!
  20. C

    2017 Paris - General Discussion

    2017 ROLEX PARIS MASTERS Date 30 October – 5 November Edition 46th Category ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Draw 48S / 24D / 24Q Prize money €4,273,775 Surface Hard / Indoor Location Paris, France Venue Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy 2016 Champion DRAW Qualifying Draw...
  21. C

    2017 Basel - General Discussion

    2017 SWISS INDOORS Date 23 – 29 October Edition 48th Category ATP World Tour 500 Draw 32 (4Q / 3WC) Surface Indoor Hard Location Basel, Switzerland 2016 Champion DRAW Qualifying draw Venue: The once ball kid: Will return as the pizzapa finally: :p
  22. C

    2017 Shanghai - General Discussion Thread

    2017 SHANGHAI ROLEX MASTERS Date October 8 – 15 Edition 9th Category ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Surface Hard / Outdoor Draw 56S/28Q/24D Prize money US$3,849,445 Location Shanghai, China Venue Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena 2016 Champion: DRAW Qualifying...
  23. C

    Beijing 2017 - General Discussion Thread

    CHINA OPEN 2017 Date: 2 October – 8 October Edition: 19th Category: ATP World Tour 500 Prize money: $2,916,550 Surface: Hard Location: Beijing, China Venue: National Tennis Center 2016 Champion: Draw: Update: Tsonga had just withdrawn so Kyrgios will be seeded. Sorry the entrant...
  24. TheMaestro1990

    One of the biggest stories of the 2017 US OPen

    Del Potro's hammering forehand. It was never really gone, but for the first time in a long while, I saw him hit his GOATly forehands in not just one match, but three matches in a row. If only he could get his old backhand back as well, he'd be a contender for world number 1 with Nadal and Federer.
  25. MS_07

    Last Slam winner without beating top 25 ??

    When was the last time this happened ? R1 #85 Lajo R2 #121 Taro R3 #59 L. Mayo R4 #65 Dolgo QF #53 Rublo SF #28 DelPo F #32 Ando :eek:
  26. W

    FS: Nike Del Potro French Open 2007 Crew

    Item Description: Nike Del Potro French Open 2007 Crew Quantity: 1 Size: L Condition (x out of 10): 9.0/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): 3 times max. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): No visible flaws Price: $29 Shipping: Express...
  27. 6onza

    Del Potro's 2015 sydney tshirt

    Hi guys! First post here.. I just have a quick one. I'm looking for info about this awesome tshirt which Delpo dressed during the Sydney tourament in 2015: If it's possible I would like to know about the whole outfit info (name of collection, etc) because I could not find any more...
  28. Nick Lynch

    3 ATP Semis predictions

    ive been owning the sports book last two weeks so I'll turn to y'all for some help tomorrow with my parlay. I have: Rio: Thiem over Ramos Viñolas and Busta over Ruud (I think his fantasy ends here) France:Tsonga over Kyrgios and Gasquet over Pouille Delray: Sock over Young and Raonic over...