1. Znak

    Road to 2019 Season Series

    Not sure if anyone else posted this, but ATP Tour put on a great series of several players in their offseason. Check them out, it's pretty rad stuff. Felix seems like such a good kid Felix Denis Kei Kevin
  2. gogo

    Who would be a good coach for Shapo?

    I don't want to jinx things, BUT, Marty Laurendeau has been off for 4 months now with a back injury and 19 year old Denis is trying to find his way. His mother has been a wonderful coach, but he needs someone at this critical juncture to step in and help him deal with some of his "problems"...
  3. gogo

    Shapo lost his chapeau?

    You heard it here first....
  4. gogo

    Can Shapovalov stay grounded?

    To have fame thrust upon you so suddenly as a teenager must be difficult to handle. Will Denis be able to keep his head screwed on straight? He seems to have a great family influence and strong team around him. They've done a great job so far. I just hope his attitude stays true. -- Chris...