diego schwartzman

  1. James P

    Schwartzman in danger of falling out of World Top100

    Looks like Schwartzman is indeed done. It's been a good run. Currently ranked #72 live after losing in Barcelona, he is defending 270 of his 730 points during clay season (45 Madrid, 45 Rome, 180 RG). #101 right now is at 580, so he'll likely need to defend at least 150 points to stick around in...
  2. D

    Kindly reminder: Casper's surname is RUUD, not Rudd

    ✔ Ruud, not ✗ Rudd by the way: ✔ Aliassime, not ✗ Alliasime ✔ Medvedev, not ✗ Medveded ✔ Hurkacz, not ✗ Hurcakz ✔ Berrettini, not ✗ Beretini ✔ Musetti, not ✗ Musseti ✔ Schwartzman, not ✗ Schwartzmann and in at the finish ✔ Ruusuvuori, not ✗ Rusuuvori Have a nice day :)
  3. Fedeonic

    Montecarlo 2022 QF: (12) Diego Schwartzman vs (3) Stefanos Tsitsipas

    About to start in a couple of minutes. Peque Schwartzman leads the series 2-1, but Stef won the only clay meeting in Barcelona 2018.
  4. James P

    2022 Rio Open F: [7] Carlos Alcaraz (ESP) vs [3] Diego Schwartzman (ARG)

    First matchup between the two of them. Alcaraz is going for his biggest title, Schwartzman trying to match his. Who wins this epic rain-drenched match up??
  5. D

    Where's the Dieguito follower thread?

  6. James P

    Poll: Who wins Indian Wells for the men?

    Last eight in, who wins?
  7. D

    What happened to Dieguito?

    Title is self-explanatory. What happened?
  8. Zardoz7/12

    On Monday Diego Schwartzman will wake up to being a new member of the top 10 - Congrats!

    He will enter the top ten at number 8 when the rankings come out on Monday. That cliche that "hard work pays off" surely applies to Diego, he's fighting with comparative giants yet he's made a reputation from felling them. He's 28 also which in tennis terms means you've got some miles on your...
  9. Fedeonic

    Rome 2020 F: Djokovic (1) vs Schwartzman (8)

    The Italian Open 2020 Final will feature 5-times Rome champion Novak Djokovic against first time M1000 finalist Diego Schwartzman. The H2H series is 4-0 for Nole, but on clay, Peque forced the deciding set in both matches, including last year's Rome SF. Match will start not before 17:00 local...
  10. Tenacity

    2020 Australian Open 4th Round: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Diego Schwartzman [14]

    Novak chasing his 8th AO title, while Diego looks to trouble the Serb and maybe take this one, who you got?
  11. ReturnAndVolley

    How does Diego Schwartzman hit his first serves?

    I often hear that if you are below 5'8, you should spin your first serves for the high percentage. But I watched some of his serves and it seemed to me he just hit squarely behind the ball. I am wondering about the angles here, he isn't very tall and he has a decent first serve. Does he hit...
  12. J

    Cilic underwhelmed by Schwartzman!

    Diego Schwartzman thumped No. 5 seed Marin Cilic in R3, 4-6 7-5 7-5 6-4. Goodbye former champ. At least Cilic moderated his disgrace by losing to a seeded player (No. 29). The remaining collection of heretofore unsuccessful "strivers" (to put it diplomatically) in that half of the draw is now...
  13. Fedeonic

    Players denounce insults on their Social Media

    After the case of Madison Keys, many players, including Diego Schwartzman, Roberto Bautista and Arina Rodionova, now are denouncing their flood of insults they receive on social media. Diego Schwartzman Arina Rodionova https://twitter.com/BautistaAgut/status/891378411721175040 Roberto...