different gauge

  1. AceyMan

    Reel Thoughts for Stringers

    So, I'm looking at reel of Max Power Rough and if I only get one, what gauge do I go with. I'm usually partial to 1.25 but I'm thinking I may have more scenarios to use the 16g more than the 1.25. [I extend the topic of this thread to the same question for any string / gauge combo w<where...
  2. pabsquid

    Poly Hybrid (shaped mains+round x's) or single type - Low tension

    Background: I'm experimenting with a new string setup in the Head Graphene Speed 360 MP & Speed 360 Pro. Moved to these frames from a Pure Aero because I wanted something more flexible and started using a poly main with a multi cross to help with comfort. I had been using Luxilon Alu Power...