1. Bender

    Djokovic, the Pharaoh of Tennis

    Hear me out: King Djoker Djoser was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled from c 2650 BCE to c 2575 BCE. He ruled for a long time (19 years), but he is most notable for building the oldest known pyramid in Egypt in Saqqara, called the Step Pyramid ("what are you doing, step pyramid??") The architect of...
  2. Raul_SJ

    Rafa Will Have To Beat Djoker And Tsitsipas Back To Back. Not An Easy Task!

    Preventing Rafa from reaching #21 is almost as good as winning the tournament for The Djoker. Djoker will have to make Rafa really battle so Rafa has nothing left in the tank for the Final.
  3. N

    Who will face the heavyweight champion Novak "Ultron" Djokovic in the 2021 Australian Open Final?

  4. Enceladus

    Djokovic's reaction to the criticism of insufficient social distance on the Adria Tour

    Source: Nole's reaction on the criticism:
  5. pedro94

    Rafa shows middle finger to Novak

    Rafa clearly salty for ATP Cup loss, no? Disgraceful... Next year draw rigged with Berrettini in final, no?
  6. HetTheGreaterer

    Which one is the best combo to take down BO5 claydal *Regularly* ??

    Discuss here. Fed with djoker BH Or Djo with Feder FH... Consider, we're talking about regular wins over Rafael Nadal, the king of clay in BO5 format. Not like upsets by 2009 soderling or 2015 djok win when nadal wasn't in a good form.. Also, please give reasons why you've chosen 1 combo...
  7. Enceladus

    One amazing thing about Djokovic

    Of course, that Novak has wonderful things are more, but in this thread I will focus on one remarkable fact: 14 of 15 GS titles (93,33 %) Djoker won when defeating another Big 4 member - Federer, Nadal or Murray on his way to the title. In total 4 times he had to beat even two members of Big 4...
  8. ak24alive

    What conclusions can be drawn from yesterday's Fedovic match?

    Conclusions that can be drawn about ROGI: Bad ones: 1) He is still not confident enough and it shows in his shot selection and how he felt uncomfortable in those tiebreaks which made him rush things up and go for something extra instead of the slice that was working so well throughout the 3...