1. TheAssassin

    Rate the 2021 Djokovic Open

    On a scale of 10 to 10, 10 being stunning. Credit to @threehandedbackhand
  2. Rafa4LifeEver

    Congratulations to Nole and Nole fans

    Yes, My favourite player the greatest warrior of tennis world, Rafael Nadal the unconquerable Clay God lost to Djokovic, and I am pretty sad at the moment. It was unexpected but full credits to Djokovic; taking nothing away from him given how badly he was conquered last year in the final...
  3. Nuclear Warhead

    Djokovic offers musetti to travel with him in private jet Djokovic and Musetti are on great terms. The Italian sensation is just 19, and he is supposed to attend the last test at the high school. However, the date of this test has been...
  4. GhostOfNKDM

    Novak's Greatness

    Everyone marvels at his mental resilience during matches. To me it's his improvements and overcoming adversity over the years. I haven't witnessed any other player in my lifetime undergo so many changes and come out stronger. Early losses at the slams, diet, racket change, coaching, marital...
  5. skip1969

    The lesson from Musetti-gate: It's not a crime to retire from loss of condition.

    The oddly-timed retirement of Musetti at 0-4 of the fifth set in his match against Djokovic has been much talked about. It has been used to bash Musetti; to bash his generation; to bash other players not even in his generation . . . But instead, it made me wonder why a player who had absolutely...
  6. GhostOfNKDM

    Angry Novak or Cool headed Novak?

    Which one is better? I know the conventional wisdom is that he plays better when angry at something/someone. But some of my recollection of his best performances (albeit limited) were when he was just zoning without giving AF. Stone faced. Post-match celebration not included... Thoughts?
  7. GhostOfNKDM

    Wilander: "Novak will avenge the bagel against Nadal"

    I mean c'mon, has this guy lost his marbles? First Ivanisevic and now Wilander... these guys only adding to the pressure on Djokovic. You think it's possible? I say it'll be a crispy SF that's for sure. SOURCE
  8. GhostOfNKDM

    AO committee considering commissioning a statue of Novak for 2023

    Tiley shared the leading contender among designs submitted thus far via email with reporters - SOURCE
  9. Rafa4LifeEver

    An underrated nole performance

    I don't know why many people including nole fans forgot about this tournament? Coming into this tournament, nole had been unceremoniously dumped out of sunshine double by Philip kohlscriber & RBA, Monte Carlo by medvedev. His last 6 clay tournament results were QF, QF, SF, R16, R32, QF...
  10. Yugram

    Greater US Open player: Nadal vs Djokovic | 2021 Edition

    Titles Nadal: 4 in 15 participations [26.6%] Djokovic: 3 in 15 participations [20%] Finals Nadal: 5 in 15 [33.3%] (Lost to Djokovic in 2011) Djokovic: 8 in 15 [53.3%] (Lost to Federer in 2007; Nadal in 2010, 2013; Murray in 2012; Wawrinka in 2016) Semi Finals Nadal: 8 in 15 [53.3%]...
  11. Krish0608

    Djokovic: Last few days were a confidence booster for clay, I’ve found the game. Now I have to keep it and peak in Paris.

    Novak is not saying anything new here. But he’s NOT playing RG for mere formality as we often hear on these boards. He’s hungry and he wants it. This year he seems to want it more. Probably more so than the previous years. And unlike last few years, it looks like he’s made some essential tweaks...
  12. Rafa4LifeEver

    La decima × 4

    First Monte Carlo Then Barcelona Then Roland Garros Now Rome. The God of clay for you, ladies and gentlemen.
  13. Rafa4LifeEver

    2021 Rome masters final :- (1) Djokovic [SRB] v/s (2) Nadal [ESP]

    57th meeting between the pair. We don't need any explanation for this matchup. Their 9th meeting overall at Rome, nadal leading h2h 5-3. Express your gratitude towards the greatest warrior of tennis world and the toughest mental battler in modern tennis taking over each other, lovely ladies...
  14. N

    Djokovic is freezing

    I tried comparing prime and 30s Djokovic to evaluate the trajectory of his gameplay and more precisely, his decline. I feel like he's "freezing". He's reducing entropy(disorder) in everything he does. His movement is less jittery, he uses less slingshot effect on his strokes, but they are still...
  15. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Medvedev, Australian Open final, 2021

    Novak Djokovic beat Daniil Medvedev 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 in the Australian Open final, 2021 on hard court It was Djokovic's record extending 9th title at the venue and his second 'three-peat'. Medvedev was playing his second Slam final. Medvedev had won 3 of the pair's last 4 matches Djokovic...
  16. Rafa4LifeEver

    2003 Federer vs 2005 Nadal vs 2008 Djokovic [POLL]

    All 3 won their first slams in the given years Roger - Wimbledon 2003 Rafa - Roland Garros 2005 Nole - Australian Open 2008 Who was the best in their respective maiden slam winning years and who was the worst?? Ladies and gentlemen, please Discuss with love Edit :- Due to suggestion from...
  17. W

    Match Stats/Report - Wawrinka vs Djokovic, US Open final, 2016

    Stan Wawrinka beat Novak Djokovic 6-7(1), 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 in the US Open final, 2016 on hard court It was Wawrinka's third Slam title. Djokovic was going for his third Slam of the year (following wins in Australia and France) and third US Open title Wawrinka won 144 points, Djokovic 143...
  18. bobbygo25

    Wanted: Head Youtek IG Speed Pro (4 3/8) - Black

    Looking for a Head Youtek IG Speed Pro in the 4 3/8 grip size. This is a black racquet with a clear bumper, endorsed by Novak Djokovic during his 2011 season. I believe it was only released as an EU exclusive at the time, so it’s a bit hard to find.
  19. Rovesciarete

    Why have ATP 100 players become three years older over the last three decades?

    Some data goes a long way to show this stark trend but how did it come to that? Of course we know that teenager are far away from peak performance but the strength of the trend surprises!
  20. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Djokovic vs Murray, Australian Open finals, 2013 & 2015

    Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray 6-7(2), 7-6(3), 6-3, 6-2 in the Australian Open final, 2013 on hard court The win gave Djokovic his third straight Australian Open title and he became the first player in Open Era to do. He would go onto repeat the feat in 2019-2021. Murray had won the last...
  21. TheAssassin

    A reminder how a proper breakthrough looks like...

    Gotta thank Sinner for losing today and giving me an excuse to post this lol... Enjoy rewatching first signs of the most stunning tennis.
  22. W

    Match Stats/Report - Murray vs Djokovic, US Open final, 2012

    Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic 7-6(10), 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2 in the US Open final, 2012 on hard court The win gave Murray his first Slam title in his 4th final. Djokovic had been the defending champion. The two would go onto play the Australian Open final shortly after the following year...
  23. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Murray, Australian Open final, 2016

    Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray 6-1, 7-5, 7-6(3) in the Australian Open final, 2016 on hard court It was Djokovic's 6th title at the event and Murray's fifth runner-up showing. The two had previously played 3 other finals (Djokovic winning them all), including the previous year. Djokovic...
  24. InsideOut900

    Djokovic AO 13 SF or Federer AO 07 SF, what do you think?

    Having given a thorough rewatch to both, yesterday and today respectively, I wanted to compare these 2 performances. Which one do you think was better? My breakdown by sets and by game components (serve, baseline, return, etc) Set 1: Federer started a bit shaky, got the early break, but gifted...
  25. N01E

    The breakdown of first ranking protection

    Firstly I have to mention that this analysis shouldn’t be taken 100% seriously. Some players decided to skip certain events due to the format and we can’t know for sure what outcome it would give us. It’s possible that I may have missed some events so if you spot a mistake please mention it. I...
  26. Znak

    Big 3 stats against one another

    Racquet Magazine published this today, I thought it was interesting — pulled some interesting graphs/quotes. The full spreadsheet can be found here. I find it wild they have nearly the same career win rate percentage: In recent years Djokovic has dominated Nadal on hard courts (Djokovic’s...
  27. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Murray, Australian Open final, 2011

    Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray 6-4, 6-2, 6-3 in the Australian Open final, 2011 on hard court It was Djokovic's second title at the event and he would go onto win the next 2 years as well. Murray had been runner-up the previous year and won the pair's last 3 matches. The two would go...
  28. Rafa4LifeEver

    An exceptionally good match of tennis by the warrior :- 2020 French Open Final

    Fully available on internet now. Download quickly before it disappears, lovely ladies and gentlemen. Answer honestly in the poll. Please Discuss in a civilized way. Give your reasons for the vote too, if possible. Thanks and Regards, -Carl Thompson.
  29. aldeayeah

    Now Djokovic has it all: war and peace

    quick and dirty translation, still should be much better than a machine translation Now Djokovic has it all: war and peace With 311 weeks at the top of the ranking, the Serb has ousted Federer as the most...
  30. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Djokovic, French Open final, 2020

    Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic 6-0, 6-2, 7-5 in the French Open final, 2020 on clay It was Nadal's 4th title in a row (for the third time) and 13th title overall at the event and record tying 20 Slam title. Djokovic had recently won Rome and was the reigning Australian Open champion...