1. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Djokovic, US Open semi-final, 2008

    Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic 6-3, 5-7, 7-5, 6-2 in the US Open semi-final, 2008 on hard court Federer would go on to win his 5th title (joint Open Era record), 5th in a row (standalone record) and first hard court title of the year by beating Andy Murray in the final Federer won 135...
  2. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs del Potro, US Open final 2018

    Novak Djokovic beat Juan Martin del Potro 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-3 in the US Open final, 2018 on hard court It was the 3rd title and record tying 8th final for Djokovic, the 6th seed, who had won Wimbledon and would go onto to finish the year ranked number 1 for the fifth time Djokovic won 111 points...
  3. Yugram

    Djokovic: 'I had some tightness on my elbow, pain is there'

    Novak Djokovic defeated Lucas Pouille in a straight-set match in Cincinnati on Friday. The Serbian player prevailed 7-6 6-1 Speaking of his physical condition, the Serb added: "I had some tightness, especially on my serve, and managed to finish the match which is great but the pain is there so...
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Your personal favourite shot of Novak Djokovic

    You have the options in the poll. Kindly Vote regardless of whatever player's fan you are. (Note :- only selective/special shots are included, common shots aren't) Discuss shot parameters and why do you like it, whether it has declined or improved over the time, damage it does to the opponents
  5. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Djokovic, Monte Carlo first round, 2006

    Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic 6-3, 2-6, 6-3 in the Monte Carlo first round, 2006 on clay It was the first meeting between the two. Federer would go onto advance to the final and lose to Rafael Nadal. Djokovic was an 18 year old qualifier Federer won 87 points, Djokovic 78 Serve Stats...
  6. robthai

    Who will be Djokovic's main rival in the year 2021 and beyond?

    So Djokovic could possibly equal Federer's slam tally in a few years (still a big if), but who will be the biggest obstacle facing him in the year 2021 and beyond? I think Felix will most likely be the biggest obstacle for Djokovic once he gets into the top 10. IF there is someone I left out...
  7. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Indian Wells semi-final, 2011

    Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer 6-3, 3-6, 6-2 in the Indian Wells semi-final, 2011 on hard court Djokovic would go on to beat Rafael Nadal in the final for the title Djokovic won 88 points, Federer 82 Serve Stats Djokovic.... - 1st serve percentage (57/85) 67% - 1st serve points won...
  8. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Miami semi-final, 2009

    Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer 3-6, 6-2, 6-3 in the Miami Masters semi-final, 2009 on hard court Djokovic would go onto lose the final to Andy Murray Djokovic won 86 points, Federer 67 Serve Stats Djokovic.... - 1st serve percentage (51/73) 70% - 1st serve points won (35/51) 69% -...
  9. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Djokovic vs Federer, Rome & French Open semi-finals 2012

    Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer 6-2, 7-6(4) in the Rome semi-final, 2012 on clay Djokovic was the defending champion but would go onto lose the final to Rafael Nadal Djokovic won 71 points, Federer 60 Serve Stats Djokovic.... - 1st serve percentage (38/66) 58% - 1st serve points won...
  10. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Djokovic, Canadadian Open semifinal, 2010

    Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic 6-1, 3-6, 7-5 in the Canadian Open semi-final, 2010 on hard court in Toronto Federer would go onto lose the final to Andy Murray, while Djokovic would go onto reverse the result in the US Open semi-final shortly afterwards Federer won 111 points, Djokovic 102...
  11. raph6

    Top 5 matchs of the season so far

    According to the logic of the ATP, 2 quarters of the season have been played after this Wimbledon. 2 remains. We are « at the middle » of the season. In my opinion, 2019 has been a good season so far, essentially due to the competition induced by the lack of form of Rafa during the clay season...
  12. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Canadian Open final 2007

    Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer 7-6(2), 2-6, 7-6(2) in the Canadian Masters final, 2007 on hard court It was Djokovic's first win over Federer (4 previous losses) and his 2nd Masters title. He defeated 3rd ranked Roddick, 2nd ranked Nadal and 1st ranked Federer in succession to claim the...
  13. pedro94

    How Fedalovic will retire on 20-20-20 slams

    Federer, mentally broken after the Wimbledon defeat in 2019 won't win another slam, however after Wimbledon 2020 he will gather all his might and win gold in Olympic singles defeating Djokovic in the final denying him the only title he hasn't won. He will then retire after Olympics. Nadal, will...
  14. A

    The Truth About Wimbledon Final 2019

    This is Grass. Federer has served well. Djokovic has served worse, way worse. More double faults, less aces, worse 1st serve percentage. Federer had 2 match points. Federer played amazing tennis. But still... as another member in this forum wrote: Balls of Titanium have prevailed. Djokovic...
  15. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Djokovic, Cincinnati final, 2009

    Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic 6-1, 7-5 in the Cincinnati final, 2009 on hard court It was Federer's 3rd title at the venue and to date, he has a personal Masters 1000 best of 7 titles there. Djokovic had won the pairs previous two matches in the year Federer won 119 points, Djokovic 103...
  16. Im(moral) Winner

    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Fourth meeting at Wimbledon, third final. Each time Fed has beaten RAFA at a tournament he's gone to win the title. Will Djokovic stop that trend and equal Borg? The last time Fed beat Djokovic was during that magical summer of 1985. A maturing Joe Piscopo left Saturday Night Live to conquer...
  17. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Nadal, Wimbledon semi-final 2018

    Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(9), 3-6, 10-8 in the Wimbledon semi-final, 2018 on grass Djokovic would go on to win his 4th Wimbledon title as well as the next 2 Slams, including another win over Nadal in Australia...
  18. Yugram

    Rafa fans, Federer or Djokovic?

    We all know that with a horrible draw like this, Rafa’s chances for Wimbledon crown this year decreases significantly. While I still bull19ve in The King, at this point it’s likely a conversation between #21 for Federer and #16 for Djokovic. So the question is: if Rafa loses, who out of these...
  19. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Djokovic, Queens Club final, 2008

    Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic 7-6(6), 7-5 in the final of the Queens Club final, 2008 on grass Nadal would go onto win Wimbledon ( a couple of weeks later Nadal won 88 points...
  20. J

    Mathematical Model for Total Grand Slams if Federer, Nadal or Djokovic Didn't Play Tennis

    I have often wondered how many Grand Slams Federer/Nadal/Djokovic would finish with if the other two didn't play tennis. More often than not it seems like the roadblock to each winning a title is having to play one of the other two. I got to thinking that surely this could be estimated with a...
  21. HetTheGreaterer

    Nadal vs Fedovic on BO5 clay

    BO5 clay record of nadal vs fedovic.. 8-0 vs fed (MC 2006, ROME 2006, RG 2005-08, 2011, 2019) pushed to brink/5 sets once in 2006 ROME Won in 4 five times Straight sets win 2 times 6-1 vs djok (RG 2006-08, 2012-15) Pushed to brink/5 sets once in 2013 RG Won in 4 sets twice Straight sets win...
  22. HetTheGreaterer

    Top 4 seeds in the RG19 semis

    Since how long we've waited for this to happen?? When did it happen the last time?? Discuss..
  23. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Nadal, Australian Open final 2019

    Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in the Australian Open final, 2019 on hard court The win gave Djokovic a record 7 Australian Open titles and his third in Slam title in a row - putting him in position to repeat the non-calendar year Grand Slam he had won in 2015/16. Nadal...
  24. D

    The most impressive thing watching Djoko this RG 2019

    Is his serve. May not be pretty (especially the sound that goes it with), but by Jove, that thing is beautiful in it's ruthless efficiency, placement and power. Hugely underrated aspect of his game. I'd rate the combo of his Serve + ROS best in the game, only better than Roger. (alright I...
  25. prairiegirl

    When will Tsitsipas take over as No. 1?

    Of all the NextGen players, Tsitsipas is proving to be the most reliable, consistent and talented of all the players. He's won titles on hardcourt and clay and bested some of the best players, including Nadal on clay. I'm not his biggest fan by any means, but I have to admit he's probably the...
  26. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 ATP Madrid Final: Djokovic [1] vs Tsitsipas [8]

    Will Djokovic equal the M1000 record and the h2h against Tsitsipas or will Tsitsipas take his first M1000 title?
  27. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 ATP Madrid SF: Djokovic [1] vs Thiem [5]

    We gonna see if Djokovic still cares about masters or will Thiem expose him.
  28. HetTheGreaterer

    2019 Madrid Masters semi finals :- Dominic Thiem [5] v/s Novak Djokovic [1]

    Thiem coming off an impressive win over federer, saving match points en route to 2nd set TB triumph.... Defeated R. Opelka in a tricky 2R match and Fognini in a straight set match in 3R.. Also, the austrian is looking to be at the best clay court tennis form stretch of his career till now...
  29. D

    A pictographical comparison of Top 3 performances at the slams

    I wanted to see the spread of slam performances lined up side by side for these guys. Interesting to see who their slam careers compare graphically in a timeline. (still working on a better table aligned by year...) I will add comments on what stood out to me. Leave your impressions too
  30. raph6

    2014, 2015 or 2016 : which season was better ?

    Hi mates. I was watching some matches of the last seasons this week and I was wondering which season have fans appreciated the most. For me, these 3 seasons have a lot in common, marking the end of the prime of the Big 4. Here is what I think are the highlights of each season, for you to...