1. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic vs Single Hander Players

    Djokovic has won a lot in his life, with highest career win % on the tour of 83.4%. But when it comes to single hander players he has a lot of issues. Career W/L Vs 2 hander 804/143 with 84.9% win rate. Vs 1 hander 243/64 with 79.1% win rate. Clearly Federer and Wawrinka has caused him issues...
  2. liftordie

    What Djokovic keeps in his mouth?

    Right now against Machac at Dubaï. :unsure:
  3. jl809

    ATP profile on Djoker now having the best serve stats on tour Will win slams til at least 2025
  4. jl809

    How many times will Alcaraz play Djokodal this year, and where?

    Last year an in-form Alcaraz got stopped by Ribdal at Indian Wells, then nabbed 2 wins against a rusty Djokodal at Madrid. Even in his semi-charged state, match-unfit Djoker produced a tough match for Chaz and it seemed we were in for more fun throughout the rest of the year. But some Covid BS...
  5. jl809

    What is the best performance by a player aged 17, 18, 19... up to 37, on each surface? Making a comprehensive list

    For a future safeguard against overhyping the latest mug, let's make a benchmark of what it is actually possible for 17 year olds, 25 year olds, 35 year olds to do in tennis. Think Alcaraz's level is the highest ever from a 19 year old on HC? Think Fed's peak on grass is the highest ever? Now...
  6. zvelf

    Who have been the best coaches for the Big 3?

    Who have been the best coaches for the Big 3? Vote in the poll.
  7. T

    What Drives Djokovic?

    This is meant primarily for Djokovic fans though I know our insecure and suffering Fedal fans may jump in with some nasty comments. Forgive them, as they are somewhat in shock that their favorites have lost the lead in the GOAT race. I have written the things that I think may be the drives for...
  8. jl809

    If the latest gen is playing terribly, is it not better that ageing Djokodal expose this?

    I know there’s been a lot of COMPLAINING about the level of play from the tour (from MYSELF included). But isn’t it sort of great that Nadal and especially Djokovic are exposing this? It means we don't have to listen to casuals talking up the absolute waste of a tour we have atm like it's...
  9. N01E

    Djokovic now holds the 5 biggest records in tennis

    Grand Slam Titles: Djokovic: 22 (#1) Nadal: 22 (#1) Federer: 20 (#3) Weeks at #1: Djokovic: 373+ (#1) Federer: 310 (#2) Nadal: 209 (#6) YE#1: Djokovic: 7 (#1) Federer: 5 (#3) Nadal: 5 (#3) ATP Final Titles: Djokovic: 6 (#1) Federer: 6 (#1) Nadal: 0 (#26) Masters 1000 Titles...
  10. jl809

    Aged 31-36, Djokodal have now won 16 of the last 19 slams, from ages

    * ages ago (RG 18) to now Who would have guessed we’d end up at 2x22… 2018 - Nadal def Thiem, Djokovic def Anderson, Djokovic def Del Potro 2019 -Djokovic def Nadal, Nadal def Thiem, Djokovic def Federer, Nadal def Meddy B 2020 - Djokovic def Thiem, Nadal def Djokovic 2021 - Djokovic def...
  11. TheAssassin

    Rate the 2023 Craig Tiley Night Sessions Open

    On a scale of 10 to 10, 10 being stunning. :whistle:
  12. threehandedbackhand

    2023 Australian Open Final: [3] Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Novak Djokovic [4]

    H2H Tsitsipas 2-10 Djokovic Road To The Final Vegas odds (as of 27 January) Sources:
  13. jl809

    How would this Djokovic have done if he faced 2017 Fed’s or 2022 Ned’s draws?

    EDIT: reminder here that Djoker REPLACES Fedal in their draws - he does not play them 3 ATGs, 3 wins at the Aussie Open aged 35 (sorry Stef). Obviously anyone who follows tennis and isn’t a Djokovic stan knows that his draw for this AO is one of the absolute weakest since the heady early...
  14. Tenacity

    New milestone

    Novak Djokovic has reached his 44th career grand slam semifinal. He has reached the semifinals: 10 times at the Australian Open 11 times at Roland Garros 11 times at Wimbledon 12 times at the US Open No other player in tennis history has reached the semis of each major 10...
  15. InsideOut900

    Let's settle this, what do you think of Novak's current physical condition

    Since there is so much talk about Novak faking an injury while being in heavily favoured conditions form and tournament-wise. Since the debate is so hot, let's see a statistical analysis of how many people think Djokovic is faking or exaggerating an injury and how many think he has real injury...
  16. jl809

    The one thing bringing peace and unity to the warring fanbases

  17. jl809

    Ranking the Big 4’s runs at the AO aged 35, by epicness

    All these guys did epic inspirational stuff aged 35 at the AO. So let’s rank the runs: 4. Djokovic 2023 (could change depending on later rounds) 3. Federer 2017 = Nadal 2022 1.
  18. jl809

    Earth’s mightiest warrior not getting on well with earth’s citizens

    Heckled constantly by some crowd members and in aggro with the masses of audience from the middle of set 2 onwards, gesturing at them defiantly and cupping his ear at them etc. What happened to the love from round 1?
  19. jl809

    The next gen are WORSE against Djokodal now than in 2019

    From the start of 2022 to now, we’ve seen the next gen go a combined 1 win, 12 losses vs Djokodal aged 34-36 Rublev is 1-1 (that 1 being when Djokovic was just back from his long break) Zved is 0-1 Berry is 0-1 Stef is 0-4 Meddy is 0-5 Kyrgios, who is just about too old to be next gen but who I...
  20. jl809

    Every other GPPD post by the Djokovic, Nadal and Federer fans

    Djokovic fans: Vamos / thank you <whoever just defeated Nadal> Since [arbitrary time], Djokovic has a 1000% win record and Fedal have [something less] Nadal fans: [Random person] says Nadal is their favourite player! [Highlights of some match Nadal won in the past 10 years, probably on clay]...
  21. S

    Ranking Djokovic's seasons from best to worst (2008 onwards)

    Taking into account accomplishments, level of play and competition, I'd rank his seasons as follows (from 2008 onwards) from best to worst: 1. 2011 - This year takes it for me. 10 titles, 43 match winning streak to start the year, 3 slams, 4 masters titles. And of course he went 6-0 against...
  22. jl809

    Was Federer a more consistent player across surfaces than Djokovic????? (and Nadal ofc). STATS say so??

    Shout out to this interesting analysis from Reddit. Thought it would be worth getting The TTW Treatment. Notice the beautiful flatness of Frederick's line compared to Djokovic's humpy hill and Nadal's "things can only get better" slope. GOAT material? (am accepting submissions for what "The...
  23. jl809

    For which player would a Triple Career Grand Slam be most 'accurate'?

    By accurate, I mean reflective of their top levels, longevity, whatever you decide, across schlems. The options are: Djokovic needs 1 more RG to do it (so he probably will anyway). He has lost 5 RG finals, all to Nadal except 1 to Stan where Djoker beat Nadal en route in 2015. He also lost 2...
  24. jl809

    Djokodal will be BETTER at the slams in 2023 than in 2022

    Nadal came into the AO having taken 6 months off, and he got covid 3 weeks before the tournament. At the French Open, Nadal was dealing with an injured, numb foot and Djokovic by his own admission was still dealing with the fallout of earlier in the year. This then extended to Wimbledon where...
  25. Rafa4LifeEver

    Can Djokovic be considered a late bloomer?

    In general, players who are not into their prime until turning 21/22 are considered to be late bloomers in their respective levels. For example; Nadal, Hewitt, Zverev etc can be considered early bloomers; whereas Federer, Thiem, Murray etc can be considered late bloomers. I wonder what can be...
  26. jl809

    Was Nadal unlucky to have a precociously early grass prime/peak?

    Nadal’s IRL grass career was a weird thing where he entered his prime aged 20 and left it aged 25. This was followed by 5 years of the kind of form you’d expect from a newcomer to the surface, but in his mid-late 20s, while he was still in his clay/HC prime. If his career had followed a more...
  27. RaulRamirez

    Question for Some - (Open to All, of course)

    Yes, some fans gloat too much (Note; when your favorite player wins or your least favorite player loses, you haven't accomplished anything), but I hear so much incessant whining when a "rival" player achieves something. You know the pejorative terms: Weak Era, Mugs, Weak Draw, Career Inflation...
  28. T

    Whistling past the graveyard

    Anyone who watched Djokovic obliterate Rublev and still thinks he is on his last legs, to use an American expression, is 'whistling past the graveyard' which means putting on an optimistic read in dire circumstances. I am a physician and have watched Djokovic for years. His game has...
  29. jl809

    People complaining about Djoker’s mystery drinks but no-one talks aboit

    We never saw inside the bag and the umpire just allowed it. Nadal miraculously reached the final of this tournament straight after a 5 month break too :unsure:
  30. jl809

    After Astana and Paris, are you more or less “in” on Djoker winning AO 2023?

    What these 2 events showed is that while Djoker fans can enjoy hyping up his level against mugs, when he’s up against someone actually bringing a great level on HC, he will suffer. However, this is Bo3, not Bo5, and they also showed is, while he has walkabouts for a set or so, it’s super hard...