1. AnOctorokForDinner

    Rate Top 10 levels of play between Big 3 per Slam

    Time to do this. Open fire! AO Djokr 2011 Fedr 2007 Djokr 2008 Fedr 2004 Djokr 2016 Fedr 2005 Djokr 2019 Djokr 2013 Djokr 2012 Nadl 2009 RG Nadl 2008 Nadl 2007 Nadl 2012 Nadl 2010 Nadl 2017 Nadl 2013 Nadl 2006 Djokr 2013 Nadl 2005 Nadl 2011 (it's crazy lol) WB Fedr 2006 Fedr 2003 Fedr 2005...
  2. HetTheGreaterer

    I am back, in full flow...

    Was out of the Ttw (or all social media platforms tbh), due to a medical emergency for more than 10 days. Wasn't sure I'd ever go on a social media platform anytime in the future. I was At my lowest self confidence and esteem... Taking a break from TTW But it's all over now. No worries at all...
  3. AnOctorokForDinner

    Higher level of play: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    Fedr breakdown: Djovak breakdown:
  4. AnOctorokForDinner

    Tougher competition: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    08 Djokovic added to make it 7=7, given that he did play at a prime level then. Fedr relevant comp: Wim 03 - Roddick, Philippoussis Wim 04 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 05 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 06 - Ancic, Nadal Wim 07 - Ferrero, Nadal Wim 08 - Nadal Wim 09 - Söderling, Roddick Djovk relevant comp...
  5. Sysyphus

    Who will go deeper in a slam this year: Murray or Noél?

    EZ question. Who will record the best result at a single slam in 2018: the Haggis King or the Mighty Peace & Love Advocate? In Novak's favor: He looks like he'll get three more shots this year versus two for Murray, and he already has a 4th round in the bag. Higher potential level too, though...