1. HetTheGreaterer

    I am back, in full flow...

    Was out of the Ttw (or all social media platforms tbh), due to a medical emergency for more than 10 days. Wasn't sure I'd ever go on a social media platform anytime in the future. I was At my lowest self confidence and esteem... Taking a break from TTW But it's all over now. No worries at all...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    Higher level of play: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    Fedr breakdown: Djovak breakdown:
  3. AnOctorokForDinner

    Tougher competition: prime Federer at Wimbledon or prime Djokovic at the AO?

    08 Djokovic added to make it 7=7, given that he did play at a prime level then. Fedr relevant comp: Wim 03 - Roddick, Philippoussis Wim 04 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 05 - Hewitt, Roddick Wim 06 - Ancic, Nadal Wim 07 - Ferrero, Nadal Wim 08 - Nadal Wim 09 - Söderling, Roddick Djovk relevant comp...
  4. Sysyphus

    Who will go deeper in a slam this year: Murray or Noél?

    EZ question. Who will record the best result at a single slam in 2018: the Haggis King or the Mighty Peace & Love Advocate? In Novak's favor: He looks like he'll get three more shots this year versus two for Murray, and he already has a 4th round in the bag. Higher potential level too, though...