1. A

    Home Tennis Workout - Martin Method Tennis Fitness

    Hello everyone, Did anyone had the chance to try this program out? If so, what's the review? I'm looking for drills that I can do on my own to improve my game. Cheers!
  2. Znak

    Great warmup

    It's too bad he retired this game, but some great ideas for pre-match warmups. I wonder what those weighted bowling-pin looking things are, I could defo use those.
  3. S

    Solitary Drills/Practice

    Hi, I was wondering if there were any drills or ways to practice in a way that would give me the best improvement for my time without a partner to practice with. As of now I have been using a practice wall to practice my strokes, and I’ve also been using the court to practice my serve. Are there...
  4. Znak

    Good/bad coaching technique?

    Question for any coaches on here/ players that have been part of group lessons. I have only taken lessons in France and the mindset of my instructor would be to teach one or two technical apsects, run us through them with drills, etc. And then give us immediate feedback while going through the...
  5. pdizzy


    Anyone use youtube to document their tennis game? Comment with your channel and I'll subscribe (with a subscription back!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJ6cEJSKrS_LN4mOynmtNw?view_as=public
  6. Vincent Flores

    Ideas for a Spring Break or Summer Routine?

    Hi, sorry if i post on the wrong sub-forum. This is my first time posting a thread in TW, but I have been surfing around the site because there's a lot of useful threads to look at. I'm a junior in high school who just started playing tennis last year after the spring season was over (around...