1. abgoosht5

    Gripper on drop weight scruffing strings

    Hi folks, I’m new to stringing and I just bought a used Gamma Progression II 602FC. My problem is that I can feel with my fingers that the gripper on the drop-weight is scruffing up my strings each time I pull tension. The gripper looks clean to me. It has a rough surface, presumably for...
  2. S

    What is this machine? Beginner stringing tips!

    Hey guys - new to the forums and have a couple of burning questions I’m really struggling with. Bought this machine about 2 months ago now - I’m surprisingly good condition for what could be 20-30 year old machine? Firstly does anyone have any idea of the brand at all - can’t find it anywhere...
  3. Mxdv2

    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Hi - I'm relatively new to stringing and recently joined a stringing course to learn how to string. I realy enjoyed stringing. Now I'm planning to buy my own machine as I like to expiriment with different tensions and different string setups. Most of the time I will string for myself and maybe...
  4. P

    Pro's Pro Challenger I vs Penta Premium Stringer 3600

    ok so, I am going to buy one of these two stringing machines. the Penta costs a bit more and the only extra feature I can see on it is the diamond dusted clamps, and I can't tell if it has a ratchet like the Challenger I. Is "diamond dusted" a real worthwhile thing, or is it meaningless jargon...