1. V

    Gamma X-2/X-6 gripper 're-setting' question

    Apologies if there already is an answer to this question - but on my search of this forum, I couldn't find one. I started stringing on the Klippermate a while ago, and I seem to be struggling with getting it to behave well with stretchy syn-gut/nylon - to the extent that sometimes the string...
  2. A

    One Piece Stringing: Can it be done on a drop weight stringer? Ex- Gamma X-2 Stringer

    Hey there! I'm new to stringing my own racquets and have been loving the process. I've gotten two piece stringing down really well but I don't use a hybrid set up and I use Wilson racquets to which they recommend one piece. I was looking into videos on how to string one piece (most of the...
  3. R

    Premium Stringer 7600

    Hi Guys. We have limited stringing machines in South Africa. We only get dirt cheap drop weights or the Wilson Baiardo. A second hand Premium Stringer crank just came on the market. It says it is 9/10. Does anyone have experience with this machine. Accuracy? Clamps? Etc
  4. D

    Can a Klippermate dropweight replace a ratchet mech?

    I currently have a Klippermate. If I upgrade to a 6-point, fixed clamp, dropweight machine with a ratchet mechanism, is it possible to replace the ratchet with the Klippermate dropweight? Any thoughts?
  5. S

    The weight of the weight in a drop weight Gamma

    Hi All, I was just given a Gamma X-2 drop weight stringer - except that it doesn't have the drop weight on it - can anyone with one of these machine tell me how much the weight weighs? Background: I was given this machine by my colleague who had it hadn't used it in the two years since he...
  6. Yoneyama

    Pro's Pro vs. Alpha

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to get a stringing machine. Not just to save money in the long run, but it is also something I have wanted to be able to do for quite some time. After doing quite a lot of research, the idea of a manual machine + a Wise 2086 tension head sounds like a good setup. I...
  7. buckeye_man18

    My little tip for dropweight machines: line level

    I have a Gamma X-6FC dropweight stringer. I'm particular, so I was frustrated with "eyeballing" the dropweight bar to determine if it was level and thus at the desired tension. My solution was to buy a cheap line level and zip-tie it to the dropweight bar. It may seem unnecessary to some, but I...
  8. buckeye_man18

    Cover for Gamma dropweight stringer?

    A few questions: Has anyone found a cover which fights a dropweight stringer properly, either Gamma or other brand? Which if any of the Gamma covers fit the Gamma X-6FC? I've been told it's the MPMC, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to actually "cover" the stringer given the tension bar...