1. Grafil Injection

    Dunlop MaxPower vs MAX-150G

    Another bang-up-to-date review! Just got a MaxPower (Kevlar-Reinforced), which is not the ones Steffi used (she had the ‘Graphite Reinforced’ and the 'Competition' model I believe), but since it’s 400g it doesn’t seem lacking in solidity. In fact I would estimate the flex to be in the low 50s...
  2. R

    New Dunlop CX coming soon?

    Saw the price drop on Dunlop CXs, wondering if new release is coming? Thx in advance!
  3. T

    Racquets similar to previous generation Prestige Pro and CX 200 Tour

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for racquets similar to the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro and the Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18x20. Open to any suggestions! I like the control and consistency of the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro, but the low stiffness and access to power of the...
  4. andy_macdxb

    New/old stock rackets (incredible find)

    New here, thank you. Check out these new/old stock rackets from the 70's / 80's. They're all in v. good condition and the stings (cat gut) are still at tension. These rackets could actually be used to play right now, They've have never hit a ball period. And the really amazing thing, my...
  5. A

    We need a Dunlop MW 200g Reissue

    Best PJ ever and I’d immediately buy 6
  6. liftordie

    Grip size Dunlop vs Head

    Does a Dunlop grip size 3 could be the same as a Head grip 4? I'm interested about the Dunlop CX 200 OS but the grip size 4 does not exist!...
  7. Andy Wang

    Which Dunlop Racquet is this?

    Hello, I was watching a youtube video and was curious to try and figure out which Dunlop racquet the person is using. Sadly, these were the best screenshots I could take: Link to picture Another picture
  8. galahad

    Worst Extra duty ball on the market

    Fellow tennis enthusiasts. We all know how short the supply of balls is. One might be inclined to find a ball which is marketed/priced as being a top tier ball, and give it a try. DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE DUNLOP ATP PREMIUM EXTRA DUTY tennis ball.z 1. The ball fluffs immediately. I would say it...
  9. O

    Newer Dunlop Fort balls are garbage

    I´ve noticed this a long time ago but now I can´t take it anymore. The quality of Dunlop Fort balls has dropped astromically. I´m 15 and hit pretty hard maybe even the hardest of my club and my serves can go up to 185 km/h but theres now way that I break 4 of these balls in one match, I mean two...
  10. puppybutts

    Can anyone compare customized FX500 Tour to Pure Drive Tour?

    I like the FX500 Tour better than non-Tour versions of the Pure Drive. I've always liked Dunlop's dampening technologies and feeling at contact. But I like the Pure Drive Tour more than the FX500 Tour, and I'm not sure if it's just the extra weight but everything else about the racquet too. To...
  11. T

    Searching for old school Dunlop string circa 1990.

    I don’t know if TW or anyone else might have an old reel of Dunlop string I used in the early 90s. It’s a reel of Dunlop white string that was around in the late 80 and until about 95. 1. It was very white 2. It was a strange multi filament 3. It was cheap cheap! 4. It had a waxy feel. I really...
  12. P

    Similar Rackets to Dunlop Srixon 200 Tour

    Hi, i have a dunlop srixon 200 tour 16x19. I love everything this racket offers, feel, control etc.. I think if had a 97 or 98 head size it would be perfect for my one back hand. i have tried clash 98, Prince Textreme 100 Tour, TF40 315 but dunlop is better for me. Is there a similar racket...
  13. Y

    Dunlop CX200 2021?

    Anyone know when the new CX200 will be out??
  14. R

    Dunlop Quality Control

    I'm tired of reading about quality control on here, and I do think it's overblown, but I did come across that tennis spin guy's video where he compared three Dunlop sticks. I was going to look into their QC before demoing rackets, and every thread here said "Japanese QC, so Dunlop is perfect" or...
  15. Peter Jones

    Thoughts on a Dunlop Srixon?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a new racket and currently one of the most likely is a Dunlop Srixon CX 200 LS. I'd love to hear from people who use or have used this racket. How does it feel? How does it play? I'd love to know as much about this racket as I can. Thanks, Peter J
  16. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop SX 300 Racquet Family

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We have a VERY Limited number of Dunlop SX 300 Tour, SX 300 and SX 300LS racquets for a playtest. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. Please note: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet will be shipped with...
  17. WilPro

    Dunlop ATP vs Wilson US Open heavy duty

    I have two options buyin' new balls. What I am mostly interested is the bounce, consistency and durability, in this order. Thank you!
  18. Z

    Super Duper Backpack

    Dunlop CX Performance Commuter Bag Received this bag as a gift and it is great!!! Designated FULL coverage section (no handles sticking out) for 2-3 racquets, spacious main compartment that's large enough for shoes, towel, can of balls, etc., and a nice little top pocket for wallet/phone/keys...
  19. Spoderblitz

    Dunlop XLT Composite Specs

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know the specs of the Dunlop XLT Composite racquet? It's a red and black graphite/glass frame with the egg head shape (similar to a puma Becker) and from my own knowledge, it was made around the 80s. Thanks.
  20. Spoderblitz

    Dunlop XLT Composite Specs

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know the specs of the Dunlop XLT Composite racquet? It's a red and black graphite/glass frame with the egg head shape (similar to a puma Becker) and from my own knowledge, it was made around the 80s. Thanks.
  21. J

    Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour question

    Hello, good morning, I am a user of Babolat Pure Control Tour (version before Strike VS tour) and my racquets are too beaten, basically on the end-of-life due the massive usage.. :-) I am looking for a replacement of these racquets and read in other threads (some employee from Babolat) saying...
  22. haqq777

    Dunlop Experts: Feedback on AG200 & NT Revolution

    Hi guys, this one's for the Dunlop specialists out there. I recently acquired Aerogel 200 and NT Revolution pretty much based on whim (and because my holicism was tingling really hard). Anyway, would like a little help regarding strings and tension. What string and tension would you recommend I...
  23. Hunter Rice

    Best Racquet Company

    Please vote for your favorite racquet company and tell us why that company is the best!
  24. Automatix

    Dunlop-Srixon CZ 98D

    This one caught my eye even though the specs are so far from my wheel house... First of the head. It's certainly very round and probably due to the paintjob it looks even rounder than some Prince frames like the new Phantom for example. Even though it has an 8 string throat grommet the pattern...
  25. kingp1ng

    Looking for a heavier swingweight than Head Liquidmetal Rad MP

    As the title suggests, I currently have the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP (98") which I used throughout high school because it suited net playstyle in doubles matches. Now that I'm not playing many doubles matches anymore, I find that my Radical MP doesn't have enough plowthrough or ball weight at...
  26. Zurc

    Dunlop Jetspace Tournoi

    Hi guys, first post here. Bought this tennis racquet on a second-hand shop and i was wondering if anyone knew the racquet and its exact specs. From what i've measured: 27in; 86? sq in; 16mm beam width; 16x19 string pattern; Head light - I don't know how much Pics below:
  27. michael_1265


    I picked this up at thrift today. I know Dunlop did everything they could to ride the McEnroe Train, and they had a kazillion different racquet models with his name plastered on every one, but I never imagined that they would unashamedly rip off the Donnay color scheme. Unless I am totally...