1. Rafa4LifeEver

    Let's all spare a moment for cheering this amazing run by a teenager

    lovely Ladies and gentlemen, has there ever been a teenage player in the history of tennis world, who could play at the level higher or matching that of 2005 nadal?? Enjoy his first ever, and my most favourite slam run of him here. An unbelievable year, heaps of unbelievable performances and...
  2. Sentinel

    Dat man in blue

    Anyone noticed a man with blue paint on face rooting for Argentinian players. Totally epic, I thought. He deserves a thread, I say.
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    Rafael Nadal :- Epic..... :)) xD

    Discuss/gust Special mention @MichaelNadal
  4. raph6

    Where can I have proper highlights of Nadal/DelPotro ?

    I couldn't watch the match yesterday and thought I would find highlights of 15/20 minutes on YouTube as usual. But I can only find the highlights made by the Wimbledon account which last 3minutes for a match of 5 hour... It's a shame. So do you know where can I find the entire match or better...
  5. Bender

    List of Greatest Moral Victories

    We talk about moral victories drenched in irony all the time on these boards, but anyone here have some actual moral matches to share where the loser: had a prexisting condition (injury, fatigue, etc) that would have posed a major roadblock to winning the match that they ultimate lost; and...