1. M

    String for Vcore pro 97

    I am going to buy a vcore pro 97 after testing and loving it, but I do not know which string to strung, I saw that this frame does not work well with hyper g or you need to strung with different tensions. Please help me
  2. D

    Biggest racquet differences between ATP and WTA

    I'm curious about some of the ways in which racquets (tend to) differ between tours. I'd imagine ATP players generally use heavier racquets w/ higher swingweights, but are there other key differences? Is my assumption about weight even correct? Would love specific player examples, too
  3. Bender

    Big 3 racquet specs and what it means for their respective games

    As a delayed knee-jerk reaction (oxymoronic, I know) to threads wondering "what if pros swapped racquets?", I created this thread to list out current racquet specs used by the Big 3 (or at least the most recent specs I can glean from the internet), and what I think it means for their games...
  4. Krulik

    Post your new tennis purchases here

    Wanna see me some tennis equipment porn. Show us what you got!
  5. N

    Where can I find latest news/rumors on new and upcoming equipment?

    At the moment I am looking for a new frame to play with. As I am, I get a little obsessed about these kind of things and all of a sudden I need to know everything about everything. I am reading alot on the forums, reddit... I try to find as much information as I can find.Yet, my brother told me...
  6. N

    What if ATP/ITF/WTA banned poly strings and 100+ sq in racquets?

    ....And standardized balls for clay, grass and hard courts? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Background: Over the years, there’s been a lot of discussion here regarding the direction of changes on the tennis tour. Typically they fall into these broad categories...