1. T

    The single MOST IMPORTANT PROPERTY to Stringbed Performance…

    (… and the hidden benefit of smaller headsize on stringbed performance). The most important property to the performance of a stringbed is something that most people have never given much thought to. To control the flight trajectory of a tennis ball, a high level player must be able to apply...
  2. liftordie

    Multi on Prince ESP 14x16

    Hi, Anyone here already tried a multi (TGV or HDX) 15L on a Prince ESP? I spin a lot but without too much power, do you think it can last at least 10 hours?? o_O My Prince is the Warrior Pro 100T ESP (275g unstrung) with 14x16 pattern. Thank you! :D
  3. liftordie

    Prince Warrior Pro 100T ESP

    Hi, I'm searching for feedback regarding the Prince Warrior Pro 100T ESP. Any players here have test it? At the moment I'm testing the Warrior Textreme 100T and I like it a lot! Do you think the Warrior Pro 100T ESP could give me the same feeling? With more spin and power? Thank you for your...
  4. Secret04

    WTB: Prince ESP 98 Tour, the Savage Banana

    Any grip size. Thanks!
  5. CopolyX

    FS: 2017 Wilson Burn 100 LS

    Racquet: 2017 Wilson Burn LS Grey/Orange Quantity: 1 Grip size: 4 1/4 Head size: 100 sq. inch Condition: 9.5/10.0 Specific time: Less that 1 hour General description: Pretty pristine, head guard tape and overgrip use, wife had to have it, within less that one hour, she was done. Strung with...