1. cowsheeprat

    My "Blacked out" Boris Becker Estusa ProVantech PB

    I bought a Estusa BB ProVantech that was in quite bad shape - but wanted it for a small project - a fully blacked out Estusa. Used a combination of 240 & 320 grit sandpaper and regular matte-black spray paint. Weighs 340g.
  2. D

    any stiff, egg shaped midpluses with 18 mains? (Kneissl, Adidas, Puma, Estusa, Mizuno, or others...)

    I understand the Kneissl Star series ending with '35' were midplusses but i can not seem to find and specifications (especially in regards to flex/stiffness) and was wondering if any of those beautiful frames were made stiff. the original lendl gtx frames were really flexible (not to mention...
  3. teachingprotx

    Estuary experts only

    what is the flex differences between the white advantech vs the silver / Black provantech? Anyone know????