1. PDJ

    Full Match: BBC 2019 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Final

    This is the full BBC Ladies Singles Final. It includes comments from Evert, Navratilova, Austin, Shriver, Rubin. Williams coach Patrick M. Former British No.1s Annabel Croft and Sam Smith discuss the final and Jo Konta (they have very polite opposing views on Konta calling a journalist...
  2. PDJ

    In Retrospect Wade wining Wimbledon. A charming article (The Times)

    4 views of the historic win. It really is quite charming. Part One Did it matter that I won with a beautiful shot? Absolutely’ Four of those involved in the historic 1977 Wimbledon women’s singles final recall their memories — fond or otherwise — to Alyson Rudd Virginia Wade — The last British...
  3. J

    Federer passes Evert, Navratilova, and Nicklaus

    With 19 slams, Federer says goodbye to Chrissie and Martina, his erstwhile co-members of Club 18. And for those who follow intersport rivalries, Fed has now edged tennis ahead of golf. Jack sent him a congratulatory message upon reaching 18 after the AO; no word on whether a "Great job passing...