1. RaulRamirez

    When your favorite player loses... you feeling disappointed in the player, or for the player? I'd like to think that I feel the latter (if I feel disappointment at all). This isn't all semantics. Although fandom can be a one-sided affair, when we cross over to feeling disappointed in a player, we are acting like they are...
  2. Sentinel

    Dat man in blue

    Anyone noticed a man with blue paint on face rooting for Argentinian players. Totally epic, I thought. He deserves a thread, I say.
  3. ChaelAZ

    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    Simple question. Was just curious how many posters actually play vs. how many don't play but are fans. I see people post that tennis doesn't have a non-playing fan base so I am interested. Of course, I assume most here would search tennis forums out as players, so maybe a skewed base. But let me...
  4. gogo

    Debate topic: FAA is the future tennis darling

    Opening statement: Federer has achieved 'God-like' status with fans, both casual and knowledgeable. Nadal, also has a massive following, who naturally find him irresistible. They both have indefinable qualities that draw in large fan bases, from far beyond the die-hard fans who focus on the game...