1. skip1969

    Fashion Police: Roland Garros 2021 Edition

    So, it's a been a couple of days now and we've all seen some matches. Any kits worth talking about? The pickings look . . . slim. Lets have it. Give us the good, the bad, and the fugly.
  2. Znak

    Fashionable Rivalries Through the Years

    Fun write up on different rivalries through their years and their fashion personas:
  3. skip1969

    Melbourne Fashion Week: 2018 Australian Open Edition

    Welp, it's near the end of week one and by now we've seen plenty of kits to thumbs up or down. Savvy tennis consumers that we are here at TTW, lets post some images and share our thoughts about how well (or poorly) the manufacturers have done to sell us their wares.
  4. skip1969

    Fashion Police: US Open 2017 Edition

    Well, tourney's more than half-way through. By now we've seen just about all the kits on offer. Rain is in the forecast for this week, so at some point, we'll need something frivolous to talk about. So, lets post the good and the bad of what's on offer for our hard earned money.