1. Break To Win

    What was there about Delpo, that Federer lost 4 finals to him?

    I can't understand why Roger lost so many times, especially in finals to Del Potro. Fed had several weapons to defeat the Argentinian, and all their variety such as slices, drop-shots, volleys. I believe that in the US Open final, Fed underestimated Delpo. But after this final, he shouldn't...
  2. Break To Win

    If Federer had the Killer instinct of his peak (2004-2007), he would have won all 4 Slams in 2009

    Federer at his peak, and with Killer Instinct, would not have lost to Nadal in the AO, nor would he have lost to Delpo in the US Open. Unfortunately, the Swiss were never the same after their peak. He fluctuated between great and forgettable performances, losing several matches that he...
  3. Break To Win

    The day Roger Federer returned to the past

    Desde 2003, o Fed não tem apostado tanto no saque e no voleio. Nesta partida de 2012, em especial, utilizou esse recurso, devido ao fato do fundo da quadra estar escorregadio. Mas tornou a partida mais divertida do que o esperado. Felizmente, Federer voltou a ser um Net rusher no período...
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    How similar is Federer's accent to the Irish?

    I read about some Irish people commenting that Federer speaking English sounds a bit Irish. Honestly, I don't think it's that similar. I just know that Federer sounds neither British nor American. Could some Irish people respond about this?....and of course, if the Swiss can also respond
  5. Break To Win

    US Open 2011: If Federer had converted the 2 Match-points against Djokovic, would he have had any chance against Nadal?

    He was playing well that US Open. It was 2 sets x 0 against Djoker in the semis. But, he lost. He should have beaten Nadal in that year's French Open final, the first two sets could have gone either way. But he lost. Would he have the confidence to beat Nadal, in more favorable conditions...