federer vs djokovic

  1. Four-ever

    Hypothetical: Federer vs Djokovic AO '19 final

    Assuming both players are fresh and ready to battle after the off-season, this would be quite interesting: -First final ever in Australia -Tiebreaker between two 6 time champions for all-time record -2 time defending champion looking to equal the other on 3 consecutive wins -Double career plate...
  2. TheMaestro1990

    Fed and Rafa cemented their rivalry as the greatest of all time with AO final

    Other rivalries have had more matches and the outcome have historically been more unpredictable. But no other rivalry in the history of tennis has appealed to the sports world in the same way as when Federer and Nadal step out on the court to face each other. People who usually doesn't follow...