1. N01E

    Djokovic now holds the 5 biggest records in tennis

    Grand Slam Titles: Djokovic: 22 (#1) Nadal: 22 (#1) Federer: 20 (#3) Weeks at #1: Djokovic: 373+ (#1) Federer: 310 (#2) Nadal: 209 (#6) YE#1: Djokovic: 7 (#1) Federer: 5 (#3) Nadal: 5 (#3) ATP Final Titles: Djokovic: 6 (#1) Federer: 6 (#1) Nadal: 0 (#26) Masters 1000 Titles...
  2. jl809

    How would this Djokovic have done if he faced 2017 Fed’s or 2022 Ned’s draws?

    EDIT: reminder here that Djoker REPLACES Fedal in their draws - he does not play them 3 ATGs, 3 wins at the Aussie Open aged 35 (sorry Stef). Obviously anyone who follows tennis and isn’t a Djokovic stan knows that his draw for this AO is one of the absolute weakest since the heady early...
  3. jl809

    Ranking the Big 4’s runs at the AO aged 35, by epicness

    All these guys did epic inspirational stuff aged 35 at the AO. So let’s rank the runs: 4. Djokovic 2023 (could change depending on later rounds) 3. Federer 2017 = Nadal 2022 1.
  4. jl809

    Every other GPPD post by the Djokovic, Nadal and Federer fans

    Djokovic fans: Vamos / thank you <whoever just defeated Nadal> Since [arbitrary time], Djokovic has a 1000% win record and Fedal have [something less] Nadal fans: [Random person] says Nadal is their favourite player! [Highlights of some match Nadal won in the past 10 years, probably on clay]...
  5. jl809

    Was Federer a more consistent player across surfaces than Djokovic????? (and Nadal ofc). STATS say so??

    Shout out to this interesting analysis from Reddit. Thought it would be worth getting The TTW Treatment. Notice the beautiful flatness of Frederick's line compared to Djokovic's humpy hill and Nadal's "things can only get better" slope. GOAT material? (am accepting submissions for what "The...
  6. jl809

    For which player would a Triple Career Grand Slam be most 'accurate'?

    By accurate, I mean reflective of their top levels, longevity, whatever you decide, across schlems. The options are: Djokovic needs 1 more RG to do it (so he probably will anyway). He has lost 5 RG finals, all to Nadal except 1 to Stan where Djoker beat Nadal en route in 2015. He also lost 2...
  7. UnderArmServeOP

    Soccer Player Equivalents to Tennis Players

    A little discussion broke out at work today about which soccer player based off of their play style equals to a quality of a tennis player. One argued Federer more Messi are very alike in their own fields as they both are synonymous with finesse, skill and touch whilst Rafa more Ronaldo are...
  8. jl809

    Was Nadal unlucky to have a precociously early grass prime/peak?

    Nadal’s IRL grass career was a weird thing where he entered his prime aged 20 and left it aged 25. This was followed by 5 years of the kind of form you’d expect from a newcomer to the surface, but in his mid-late 20s, while he was still in his clay/HC prime. If his career had followed a more...
  9. RaulRamirez

    Question for Some - (Open to All, of course)

    Yes, some fans gloat too much (Note; when your favorite player wins or your least favorite player loses, you haven't accomplished anything), but I hear so much incessant whining when a "rival" player achieves something. You know the pejorative terms: Weak Era, Mugs, Weak Draw, Career Inflation...
  10. jl809

    Nadal vs Federer on clay in 2008 - what the hell happened between MC and Hamburg --> RG?

    Far from being a mug, 08erer was actually pushing arguably the best ever version of Nadal on clay super close in their first 2 matches of the season. He lost their match in the final of Monte Carlo 7-5, 7-5, having been 4-0 up in the 2nd set before a classic choke job (and Nadal rescue voyage)...
  11. R

    Is there a new Wilson Federer DNA Backpack to be released?

    Hey guys. As many of we know, the new Wilson Pro Staff V14 is coming early next year. But does somebody know if there is going to be an update for the Federer DNA Backpack as well (not the Pro Staff themed bag)? I want to update my 2018 all-red DNA backpack, so I was thinking if I should wait a...
  12. Rafa4LifeEver

    The last episode in the Federer - Nadal Saga

    I don't think any of us realistically thought that this was going to be their last professional match against each other; the way both of them had rejuvenated themselves after the disappointment of last few months of 2018 was certainly a good omen. After their meeting at French open a few weeks...
  13. V

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97: A summary of people's experiences with the racquet

    I've been reading lots of online reviews of the Pro Staff RF97 as I'm thinking of getting a couple of these. I've read people's experiences on Tennis Warehouse forums, Reddit, Quora, read all the reviews I could find online, watched YouTube reviews and read comments, etc. So, I thought it would...
  14. threehandedbackhand

    Berdych: "Federer had moments when he acted like a boy and did stupid things"

    Tomas Berdych: Source: https://tennisuptodate.com/atp/berdych-about-federer-if-you-met-him-in-the-dressing-room-or-somewhere-else-backstage-you-wouldnt-know-what-he-is-on-the-contrary-he-had-moments-when-he-acted-like-a-boy-and-did-stupid-things
  15. jl809

    Things I noticed from attending Laver Cup vs watching matches on TV

    Murray walks with his back at an incline, a slight stoop. Not good for long term :/ The best forehand off a “neutral” rally ball was Fritz’s. He was hitting rockets and has a really safe action for generating power, keeping the ball low, and hitting with margin. Berry’s has more loopy topspin...
  16. V

    Federer's Laver Cup racquet

    Hi! Did anyone notice that Fed's racquet for the Laver Cup has a red butt cap like the regular Pro Staff v13, and a brown leather grip? Is that a new model? The RF97 has a flat black butt and a black leather grip. Did I miss anything?
  17. Otacon

    Roger answers some of the questions that have been nagging at TTW Fed fans

    To get off the beaten track of the traditional Q&A, L'Equipe proposed a game to him: a series of statements that he is free to approve or not before commenting on them. If you hadn't met Mirka, you wouldn't have won 20 Grand Slam titles. Phew... yes, I think so. She was so supportive, pushing...
  18. jl809

    Footage of Fed today - is he doing something with his shoulder here that looks off?

    On the follow through on the forehand he seems to sort of dip down and hunch over forward on his right side a bit before he takes his next step. Am I imagining this or is it something new? Guessing it would be to protect the knee
  19. jl809

    The peak versions of each ATG across each slam all play each other. Who has the combined best results?

    For example (these are just my picks): 2011 Federer, 2008 Nadal, 2015 Djokovic, 1996 Sampras and 1978 Borg face off with each other 10x in a round robin at RG - a series of RS hypotheticals... 2004 Federer, 2010 Nadal, 2011 Djokovic, 1995 Sampras and 1980 Borg face off with each other 10x in...
  20. Enceladus

    Venus Williams should quit

    Federer's announcement of his retirement from profesional tennis yesterday is a gauntlet thrown down for the older of the Williams sisters, who is a year older than Fed. Venus has been uncompetitive for several years, repeatedly losing in the 1st rounds. If she were to focus on doubles, it would...
  21. jl809

    Remember this epic?

    The last ray of sunshine in tennis… The moment we thought They Might Be Back… what happened to our big 5 :cry:
  22. jl809

    In your opinion, what are the 10/10 slam final performances?

    I’ll get the ball rolling with some: PETE vs Becker, 1995 Wimbledon Nadal vs Federer, 2008 French Open Djokovic vs Nadal, 2019 Aussie Open happy to hear about SFs and QFs too as some bangers took place there too
  23. jl809

    January 2020-present should be considered its own era

    Mid-2016 to now is referred to by some people on here as the “inflation era”; a period where the level of tennis on the men’s tour was comparatively weak and the Big 3 won slams at a low level of play. But imo, there is just as strong a dividing line between the period pre-January 2020 and the...
  24. Rattie

    Happy Friendship Day!

    Today is International Friendship Day. Does that work here lol.
  25. jl809

    2011 (30 year old) Federer > 2011 (25 year old) Nadal

    2011 Federer’s record vs the field (I.e. non-Djokodal): 62-5; win %: 92.5% 2011 Nadal’s record vs the field (I.e. non-Fedovic): 66-8; win %: 89.2% 2011 Federer vs 2011 Djokovic: beat Djokovic on clay at RG and had MPs against him at the US Open. Would very possibly have beaten him at...
  26. jl809

    How would this 36 year old PETE fare against the current tour this year?

    See crispy footage of Daddy Petros taking it to Prime Federer in 2007 and 2008: The king hadn’t lost his touch. Short points, so he’d have been fine over long matches. No-one outside Djokodal has a great return + passing shot game now too. Does he take AO 22, Wimby 22, USO 22????:unsure: Is...
  27. Fiero425

    When Thinking Of Djokovic Comeback Victory:

    What match comes to minds; esp. saving MP's??
  28. jl809

    Proving Djokovic's Wimbledon tally is the most inflated/lucky slam total by any ATG in the modern era

    Djokovic has benefitted from an amazing set of circumstances coming together to allow him to win 7 Wimbledons: 1 (a) He had the weakest competition in his prime and postprime of the 00s ATGs. His prime was perfectly timed; it started when the 2 other ATGs’ grass primes were ending or already...
  29. LawnTennisGod

    How many Slams would Federer & Nadal have won, if there was NO Djokovic??

    I was wondering how many Slams would Nadal and Federer have each won if Djokovic hadn't played Tennis? Would they have racked up close to 30 slams each? Who would be ahead in the slam race, if there was no Djokovic? Federer- Nadal- They have both lost several times to Djokovic in the...