1. Sum Buddy Ells

    Would you rather have Roger get a 9th Wimbledon or 6th US Open this year?

    Big question up for debate. Why I ask? Was bored :)
  2. Sentinel

    Federer: The last few weeks were a bit boring

    Hehe. Feddy found the last few weeks boring !!!! Hint Hint. http://www.atpworldtour.com/en/news/stuttgart-2018-federer-preview
  3. Sum Buddy Ells

    When a player is up 5-1 or 5-0, serving for the set...why not aim to BREAK for the set?

    I've always wondered about this. Obviously we don't have the same mindset of pros under pressure, competing in high-stakes matches day in day out. But wouldn't it be a sensible idea, when you've got a 5-0/5-1 lead in a set, to "tank" your service game with the focus on breaking your opponent's...
  4. ak24alive

    Will we ever see this Beasterer again?

    Roger was just a different beast altogether at IW 2017. Ridiculous Serve, Mind-blowing Backhand, Peak-esque Forehand, some Godly movement, always going for kill mentality, line licking shots, ridiculous volleys and pure 100% confidence made for a monster of no match. That was like Peak...
  5. ak24alive

    What can you do for your favourite pros??

    As a Zverev fan(not really but Fedr)... Amidst this hate wave lets see how your love and loyalty stands. A simple question I ask! What will you do for your favourite pro(s) if need be! Will you give a kidney for them? Will you give an eye? Your life? Yes will you die for them if necessary? Yeah...
  6. Sum Buddy Ells

    On Monday, make it a point...

    ...to incorporate these in your meals for the day: Why?
  7. D

    Most overrated and underrated player?

    Who is the most overrated player and who is the most underrated player? My picks: Most overrated: Grigor Dimitrov Most underrated: Diego Schwartzman
  8. EloQuent

    When will Shapo face Fedr?

    We all anticipate the first time an aging great and and up and coming youngster play. When Roger beat Sampras it was a special moment. So when do you think Shapo will play Federer? Poll may be updated based on feedback and will close if and when they play.
  9. TheMaestro1990

    Flying Fedr vs Bemelmans

    That looked pretty darn good, didn't it?!
  10. SpinToWin

    Oldy goody

    Recently saw the video "Tommy Haas Top 10 points against Federer" (or something along those lines) and was reminded of the following match. Thoroughly enjoyable highlights (and match), well worth a watch IMO :) Shame Haas was injured so often, would have loved more matches between these two!
  11. SpinToWin

    Benoit Paire, the epitomy of grace and class

    In his match against Tommy Haas in Monte Carlo, Paire once again proved that it is HE who should always win the sportsmanship award. In his amazing 2:6 3:6 loss to the 39 year old veteran, who's spent more time on the operation table than on court, he once again surpassed himself with his class...
  12. Sysyphus

    Today's players' net game

    Widespread wool pants thesis: The players of today have terrible net games; someone like Federer isn't a true grass tennis great because he can't really (serve &) volley competently at all compared to those before the 2000s; and given a semi-quick court, Kramer, Gonzales, Laver, Rosewall...
  13. -NN-

    Federer and Mercedes - How did I miss this one??

  14. Bender

    Poor fedr got destroyed once more, LOL!

    Geriatric peakerer says courts were too fast so he felt he was russian through the points and not swinging freely! MUG paper GOAT 18 slam champion! ROTFLMAO! #18 Majors Edit: According to the highly reliable insider source Reddit, Donkey proves that fedr is GOATer than Djoker: Another...
  15. stringertom

    30-something Titles in 2017

    Already two 250s, a slam and a Challenger title and it's not Valentines Day yet! What's your guess on total title hauls by the Metamucil Militia??? Discuss.
  16. Sysyphus

    2017 AO QF: Sexi Swiss Sorcerer – Mischa Zverev

    derp Who'll come out as the victor in this old-school battle of wits? rogr won their last match 6–0 6–0. On the flip side, Rog just went five sets against Kei while Mischa shcokingly took out the Rubbish World Number One. here's a picture of feder and someone named Zverev here is yet...