feliciano lopez

  1. gogo

    ATP Swiss Open in Gstaad - No one cares

    So no thread has been set up for this tourney. This late clay tournament has been completely ignored not only on TTW but also Tennis TV. Does anybody care? The Fog and Deliciano are lined up to face off in the top half. RBA, is trying a recent comeback, perhaps to face young Coric. What say...
  2. ByakuFubuki

    2017 Queen's Semi-Final - [6] Dimitrov vs Lopez

    Shame on me for not creating this Thread earlier. So, this is one of the Matches I was really looking forward to see this week (although I didn't really count on it to be honest). Dimitrov has been a bit of a human roller-coaster this year, while Lopez fell under the radar just to jump out in...